18+ Ukraine War: 21 killed on "Bloody Ukraine War - Failed Pro-Russian Attack: 7 months ago   06:03

Patrick Lancaster
Today The Mayor of Gorlovka, Ivan Prikhodko,
Addressed the 4 year anniversary of 21 civilians being killed on "Bloody Sunday" 27.07.2014. He said:
"Today the Four years ago, on a bloody Sunday, residents of Gorlovka were hit by heavy fire, given by order of the Ukrainian authorities. In an instant, 22 civilians were killed, among them innocent children, women and old people. This day became a sorrowful date and had done down in history of the city as "bloody Sunday" forever. People of Donbass wanted to live and work peacefully, but the war came to our lands, the criminal junta seized power in Kiev, and we uttered a firm "no". Many of our fellow citizens died for this decision. Our task is to remember the price that Donbass paid for its freedom every day. An imperishable memory of the fallen Gorlovka civilians and the fallen defenders of our Republic.
With the hope of peace, your Mayor"
All were made on 27.07.2014 by residents of Gorlovka

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Join Team PLnewstoday and help me show the world what is really happening in the Ukraine War plus get access to more premium content. Subscribe at https://plnewstoday.onfastspring.com/subscribe

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James Eastridge
Ukraine army are baby,mother,old people Murderers,,,low life coward pieces of SHIT
Machinen Kanone
God have mercy on us. May God help us.
didek didecki
if u join russian who shoting ukraina, so ukrainian army shoting you
svmpro Svm
дЫбЫлЫ! Блять выблядки лишнехромосоные козломордные выебни! Любители Хуйлостанского мира! * Уверен, что когда нибудь, ваша коробка включится и нить которая в ней натянута начнет думать! Жопошники сраные!
the truth
God give peace to the victims of war
Jean-francois Saliou
Terrifiant, ça m'a donné du dégoût, quelle horreur pour ces civils et même, sans être civil, rien ne merite cette mort.....
ネオ ネオ
It was good to be born in Japan
Donnie Downer
Just seeing 20 bodies laying about is tragic,cant imagine 20 million killed in WW2,what it must have looked like.wow.
Mic Rakov
#How many can be to fight
Кости_ Ютуберов__
Вы чего сейчас тут говорите что Украина виновата в этом????? Вы войну начали, вы наемников впустили. Хотели жить по Русски так надо было уезжать в Рашку, и ничего подобного не было. Вы начали делить Украинскую землю. Когда люди хотят перемен, то они уезжают и строят новую жизнь!
One must keep in mind, Russia has the power to end this, Ukraine is fighting for independence, russia seeks to annex Ukraine.
Twisted Facts
I am from Sarajevo, same way Serbs were killing people in my city. I know what these people are going through. I hope war will stop soon
Tommy Japan Brony
日本では紛争が無いから理解が難しい所があるけど、外国の現実は これなのか。
Hoosier Daddy
Sad. Is this conflict still going on?
David Cabrera
Jewish banks are filling Europe with blood.
Индус Бурятов
Когда сепары бомбили Станицу Луганскую или Попасную никто не был против из ЛНР
Brandon Thorp
Jesus, this isn't being shown anywhere. This is murder.
Greetings Друзья!
Patrick please be careful YouTube and Facebook are on a aggressive campaign to shut down free speech(Real truth or opinions that differ from CNN etc). RIP to all heroes in Donbass, They can shut down all truth from RT, and real American independent channels but I know the truth.
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Ukraine War - Failed Pro-Russian Attack: 18+ Ukraine War: 21 killed on "Bloody 7 months ago   10:03

This footage from Ukraine was captured after a failed Pro-Russian attack on Ukrainian Forces somewhere in the area around Lugansk in August 2014.

The video shows a element of Pro-Russian rebels supported by BTR and BMP fighting vehicles advancing over an open field with no cover as they recive accurate Ukrainian army rifle, machine gun, grenade launcher and RPG fire to the point the attack could not held out any more further and the rebel forces had to retreat.

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This footage is part of an war archive of the war in Ukraine and should be viewed as educational. This footage is not meant to glorify war or violence.

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