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With the ongoing story of the Federation of Planets and at least a couple of ships named Enterprise, the Star Trek franchise has inspired generations of die-hard fans. There are still a few persistent myths that the crew just can’t seem to shake, though, so here are some of the false “facts” that you’ve been believing about Star Trek.
During the first season of Star Trek: Discovery, a minor scandal broke out when actor Jason Isaacs admitted he was told not to ad-lib a particular swear word - not because of the profanity, but because it included the word "god." Star Trek has long promoted a humanist and non-religious view of the future, with spirituality usually left to the aliens, and religious figures like God and the Devil often used as tricks by the bad guys.
Trek producer Brannon Braga once said that creator Gene Roddenberry handed down an edict to the show’s writing staff, saying that, “Religion and superstition and mystical thinking were not to be part of his universe.”
The show is clearly meant to take place in a future based on atheism and secular humanism, but in practice, that’s not exactly the case.
While Picard wasn't walking around with a giant crucifix around his neck, human religion has been a bit more present in Star Trek than is popularly thought. We see the Enterprise’s chapel on the Original Series episode "Balance of Terror," and Star Trek: Generations includes a celebration of Christmas, so some version of Christianity certainly seems to have survived to the 23rd century. Uhura even directly references Christianity as being impossible to ridicule in “Bread and Circuses,” when the crew encounters a technologically advanced Roman Empire who have “Sun Worshippers” broadcasting on pirate radio.
That’s a lot of love for the Lord on the supposedly atheist show.
Watch the video for more false things you've been believing about Star Trek!

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A future without religion | 0:18
The All-New Next Generation? | 1:59
A future of Equality | 3:56
No conflict in the crew? | 5:27
Redshirts must die! | 6:46
The golden years? | 8:13
Chekov’s Soviet origins | 9:08
“Misquote me, Scotty.” | 10:24

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Mosstone Guitars
This is just a terrible, terrible YouTube channel... I want my 11 minutes and 53 seconds back.
michael harrington
In the last episode of the original series we are told that a woman is not allowed to be a starship captain, but in the next generation we learn that a woman is the youngest flag officer in Starfleet.. In Voyager there is no suggestion that Janeway is unusual in being a female captain.
Mandela effect- Quantum stuff Texas - Danny .
This review is in and of itself a inane commentary on bizzare extreme inverse left wing politically correctness . " Illogical " .
American Patriot
Star Trek Discovery isn't even part of the main Star Trek universe. It is complete garbage!
Daphne Loose
not all red shirts died on the original Star Trek. Scotty wore red!! he never
died on the show.
Chris K
Well, christmas is not a Christian event... it once was the winter solstice before it was christianized. And nowadays, many people just celebrate it as a nice holiday with their family, without any religious ideas involved. Heck, almost all Christian festivities have been 'borrowed' from older religions or are adapted versions of old festivals linked to solar procession, the seasons and thus the ability to grow and harvest food.
Joseph Smith
I'll never watch Discovery for a host of reasons
Brad Watson
Valiant Thor was a real ET that met with President Dwight Eisenhower and Pentagon officials. The story goes that Gene Roddenberry met with him and that's where he got the idea of a Federation of Planets. Ike's granddaughter was interviewed on History Channel about Valiant Thor.
We just saw a movie called "We Wuz Wakanda n' Shit" with exactly the same style. Maybe Star Trek should sue for copyright infringement?
"Kirk's shirt was green, not gold!" Said as they show a clip in which Kirk in his green shirt walks past crew in markedly different gold shirt. Um, yes, he did wear green shirts, but most of the time he wore gold shirts. Shirts that looked "gold" in reality, not anything to do with "the quirks of film stock development." Otherwise how could you have a green shirt in the same shot (9:05) as gold shirts? Clearly the green and the gold are two different colors.
George Alexander
The “Scotty beam me up” phrase from the Voyage Home was done in jest because of the popularity of the mistaken phrase. When I saw the movie in a theater during its original run some members of the audience chuckled.
Rice Burnerbiker
As we get Christianity and Catholicism slowly out of America.
They are viscously attacking women, and brown people.
I wish the religions would all get on one continent and build a wall around it.
Sink any ship leaving it, shoot down any plane leaving it.
Let it kill itself off.
Don Peebly
How dare they inject political correctness into such a medium to try to normalize aberrant behavior which is very harmful to human beings, especially men. It deserves to fail.
Bayonne Blasphemer
Sorry, dude. The die-hards among us already knew this shit.
Frank Berst
Star Trek, especially the classic TOS, was ultimately all about the human condition and how it faces, and comes to terms with, the unknown. Religion and spirituality survived well into the 23rd century because it is ultimately all about how the human condition faces, and comes to terms with, the unknown. Religion has always been, and always will be, a part of the human condition. The mature mind accepts this.
chris eagle
This would be watchable without all the god damn Ads....
DD Burrows
A must take exception to your easy shot at Shatner’s “over-acting”. Yes, there are definitely some cringy moments, for sure, but Shatner made this, what could have been a cartoonish, or a maudlin, show - believable and humorous. The subtleties of Kirk’s relationship with Spock is poetic and very much appreciated by many (even spawning the slash videos). Shatner could communicate much without so much as a word. Even, Takei says that he used to sit and watch Shatner in admiration. This trope is tiresome and untrue.
Al Rino
The percentage of LGBT is minuscule. WHY DO WE NEED TO EVER MENTION THEM
I find it hilarious that they call the episode 'Code of Honor' racist...Yet these days they still do the same thing with Black Panther and call it progressive. xD
Star Trek is DEAD and it was killed by PC cunts
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From drama with 7 of 9's outfit to the original Captain Janeway (it wasn't Kate Mulgrew) to people turning into platypus' (platypi?), Star Trek: Voyager was a way more crazy show than you think. And awesome. Learn more.
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