False Things You've Been USS Defiant: 10 Little Known Features 1 day ago   11:54

With the ongoing story of the Federation of Planets and at least a couple of ships named Enterprise, the Star Trek franchise has inspired generations of die-hard fans. There are still a few persistent myths that the crew just can’t seem to shake, though, so here are some of the false “facts” that you’ve been believing about Star Trek.
During the first season of Star Trek: Discovery, a minor scandal broke out when actor Jason Isaacs admitted he was told not to ad-lib a particular swear word - not because of the profanity, but because it included the word "god." Star Trek has long promoted a humanist and non-religious view of the future, with spirituality usually left to the aliens, and religious figures like God and the Devil often used as tricks by the bad guys.
Trek producer Brannon Braga once said that creator Gene Roddenberry handed down an edict to the show’s writing staff, saying that, “Religion and superstition and mystical thinking were not to be part of his universe.”
The show is clearly meant to take place in a future based on atheism and secular humanism, but in practice, that’s not exactly the case.
While Picard wasn't walking around with a giant crucifix around his neck, human religion has been a bit more present in Star Trek than is popularly thought. We see the Enterprise’s chapel on the Original Series episode "Balance of Terror," and Star Trek: Generations includes a celebration of Christmas, so some version of Christianity certainly seems to have survived to the 23rd century. Uhura even directly references Christianity as being impossible to ridicule in “Bread and Circuses,” when the crew encounters a technologically advanced Roman Empire who have “Sun Worshippers” broadcasting on pirate radio.
That’s a lot of love for the Lord on the supposedly atheist show.
Watch the video for more false things you've been believing about Star Trek!

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A future without religion | 0:18
The All-New Next Generation? | 1:59
A future of Equality | 3:56
No conflict in the crew? | 5:27
Redshirts must die! | 6:46
The golden years? | 8:13
Chekov’s Soviet origins | 9:08
“Misquote me, Scotty.” | 10:24

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Mario Gómez
Since non heterosexuals (or "LGBTQ", as the speaker says) only make up about 2% of the population, you could be serving in a Federation vessel (crew: 450-1000 people) for a long time and never come across into one. https://news.gallup.com/poll/6961/what-percentage-population-gay.aspx
I don't give a tinker's damn about other people's sex lives any more than I care about their bowel movements, kind of for the same reasons. I do give a damn when they think it's the most important, perhaps the only, thing in the whole of the known universe and that I must be delighted to see and hear about it, lest I be deemed a philistine or worse, a bigot of some terrible stripe. If I want porn, well, yes, it IS terribly hard find, especially on the Internet, I'll look for it under P in the annotated smut locker. If you want to preach, just send me the address of your church, club, union hall, bath house or whatever and when the mood strikes, I'll be there, all ears and eyes and whatnot. Otherwise keep your damned political, sexual, and other agendas in check. Just shut up about it and entertain.
Tiger789 Tiger789
It’s wrong to compare the past according to today’s standards. It does no good except create conflict.
That is highly illogical.
Haruhiist number5
How did I NOT APPRECIATE how beautiful Patrick Stewart was!
Richie Ray
Yeah....Discovery......ah, I think I will stick with TNG thank you very much
Mark Sandal
Has anyone watched The Orville on FOX? It is really getting good. Sort of a ST parody and take off at the same time.
Mark Sandal
I'm not about to read all 3,184 comments to see if this was pointed out, but James Doohan is missing the middle finger of his right hand. It was shot off when his Canadian company landed on the beach of Normandy in WWII. There is only 1 episode I have found where you can clearly see it and it's when Kirk and Spock beam back to the Enterprise after stealing the Romulan cloaking devise. Kirk hands it to Scotty. You can see it when Scotty takes it from Kirk. otherwise he always keeps that hand behind his back or his hand cupped. I didn't know until I attended a ST convention and he was the speaker. And now you know.
Angel Mcfadden
I always thought “Beam me up Scotty” was a gay reference!
Alex S.
As a rule, these lazy, cheesy, poorly researched, hastily assembled we-needed-an-excuse-to-show-clips compilation videos are a waste of time, and this one is no exception. It would've been more useful — and more on-point, given the premise — if it had stuck to the original series exclusively, and not trolled the innumerable sequels made by TV producers (Brannon Braga, for ex.) who had nothing — absolutely nothing — to do with the original vision. It opens with ST: Discovery, #FFS. How is ST: Discovery even a thing? The original Star Trek, erm rocked ('Arena,' Jan. 19, 1967). Even if the rock was made out of Styrofoam. Allegedly.
James Thibodeau
same sex and swear words do not belong on star trek! and im tired of seeing gay shit on shows i love! seeing to men kissing makes me puke it is vulger! to me!
David Ching
Chekov was Jewish though...
Lord Kenyon
All things to do with start trek are false being fiction not real.
Privacy Valued
"Very funny Scotty. Now beam down my clothes."
A lot of misrepresentation, smoke and mirrors and semantic traps in this video, including the title.
Mark C. Lowe
Check out Star Wreck sometime for some Primo Finnish Star Trek parody. Full blown fan flicks and everything!
Odor 66
Mr. roddenberry had an idea for a science fiction of equality and peace, it's a tragedy that here we are in 2019 and the best we get is how insulted one person "feels" vs how angry some other person "feels". All made disgusting manifest to help what coercive effort one corporation can force against another in the name of making sure of profit... I can't wait to die.
Discovery is not Trek
Odor 66
lol this whole video is full of ridiculous modernist identity polictics shit. Try again to speak about 1960 star trek and maybe you'll have something to talk about.
Dwight Hicks
These are false things about false things obviously half truths from a ... Wait for it...........a DEMOCRAT....bam! !!! The star trek crew are obviously republicans because they are the good guys not like the clingons who are obviously a perfect depiction of a..wait for it.........that's right you got it....LMAO
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USS Defiant: 10 Little Known Features False Things You've Been 1 day ago   08:31

We take a look at ten little known features of the USS Defiant, the principle warship of the space station Deep Space Nine in Star Trek.

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