Rats Killed My Tesla Why Rich Rebuilds Is Opening A Tesla 2 days ago   23:49

Rich Rebuilds
My Tesla’s high voltage wiring was eaten by rats, killed the car and tried to kill me in the process. lesson learned

Checkout Season Alpha of Roborace http://bit.ly/V_YTSeasonAlpha
Checkout how it works http://bit.ly/V_YTShowMeHowItWorks

link to event tickets for Electrified Garage grand opening

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kenneth chi
Hi Rich. Please I have a serious question to ask you. Actually I am looking at buying a used model x Tesla but I want to ship it to Africa where I visit every six months. So my question is about Tesla support and repairs in case something broken. First I know Tesla will not come for my car but are they going to do all the online support needed, secondly I can buy parts here in the USA and ship it over to Africa to any mechanic that knows a thing or two in electric cars. Please I need your know how on this. Thanks
Dehv Blak
HAHAHAHA "You don't want people like me out there doing crazy stuff"..... "Exactly"....
Battle Angel
This kind of thing isn't limited to EVs. Rodents have eaten the wiring harness in my father's Porsche, and the HV wiring in my Honda Insight. I only found out about the EV wiring in my Insight after a chance meeting with Bambi wanting to end it all. Either way rodents can do a great deal of damage to a vehicle. Not to mention your home.

Also quite a very nice looking Model S. That silver color is indeed the bees knees. And an INSIGHTful video. Thank you! (I've been dying to use that...)
Mike Makuh
Hey 2012? Hell, its time to throw the car on the trash heap!
YouTube Commenter
How that battery pack was still attached to that car, super glue maybe?
Love those m12 series, and they keep coming out with more tools for them.
Radio Triggered!
Tesla's gonna be there? Wauw... You really opened up that market, ey? All by yourself. Good for you. Good for Tesla.

I think Elon should hug you.
Should_A_ Sed_Dis
1. rich quites job (HAYY!!!!!)
2. Rich puvlishes less videos than when he had a job (booo)
3.Maybe you should get a full time job so your video output goes back up.....,
The only thing I've learned from your videos is that Teslas are complete pieces of shit... I mean I already knew that but you confirmed it for me. Thanks bro!
Fred C
Chad rebuilds dudes a saint
Avin Toussaint
So that's how Tesla door handles work
Kaya and Juniper
Why would he ask you about the car being primer colored?
Miguel Castro
Milwaukee, Wisconsin?😊✴
Travis Medina
Hey Rich, y'all ever use Milwaukee Tools in your garage? They're great tools. Look into it.
Travis k
So I know nothing of teslas. What does the finger check check for? 2:30
Dude knows his stuff! Very impressive
Shoeless Jack
Rats killed my 550i
Stepan Dubov
Nice video. Chad looks like he knows what he is doing. But unfortunately I didn't see what tools he was using. Was it Makita?
*Rich Rebuilds* Hey chad what camera are you recording with ?

*Chad* a milwaukee camera
Runvald Darkstone
Too bad : Milwaukee have not designed a Rich Rebuild special edition Kitchen Knife...
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Why Rich Rebuilds Is Opening A Tesla Rats Killed My Tesla 2 days ago   09:20

Rich Benoit runs the popular YouTube channel, Rich Rebuilds, where he takes broken-down Teslas and brings them back to life. Now he and his business partner, a former parts manager at Tesla, are opening up a repair shop to help stem some of the demand for Tesla service. Tesla customers have often complained about having to wait weeks to get their cars serviced.

Benoit has been enchanted with Tesla since it introduced the Model S. He turned his curiosity into YouTube fame in 2016, cranking out videos about the cars, including how to buy, fix and mine wrecked Teslas for spare parts.

Today, his YouTube channel "Rich Rebuilds" is approaching half-a-million subscribers. The most popular episode—"Can you drown a Tesla motor?" -- has garnered 2.3 million views and counting in less than a year.

His followers frequently send payments to support his video blogging habit, and random items for his cars, home and garage. Someone sent him a life-sized poster of Elon Musk. Someone had pizza delivered to his house, which Benoit liked. On the weirder side of viral video stardom, a fan sent Benoit a puppy preserved in formaldehyde in a jar.

Eventually, he partnered with a former Tesla parts manager, Chris Salvo, who is also the owner of EV Tuning to open up their own repair shop. While they both hold down day jobs, this spring they broke ground on their "Electrified Garage" in Seabrook, New Hampshire.

"I was never thinking of opening my own shop," Benoit said. "But I'd been denied so many times by Tesla that I really started thinking there's got to be a bigger picture here, another player who can help others and get parts as well. Now that there's a place where people can go for third-party EV repair."

The Electrified Garage is getting customers who are out of warranty with their Model S's, and people who own Model 3's but can't get Tesla service centers to do work for them because they have after-market parts that negated their warranty Benoit said.

While CEO Elon Musk has long promised to ramp up the company's service in North America, Tesla is currently in a belt-tightening phase, recovering from mass layoffs and still under pressure to cut costs. Until they're ready to invest in opening more service centers, hiring more technicians and mobile service "Rangers" – who drive to the customers' door to fix their cars – there are upstarts like the Electrified Garage ready to repair, modify or rebuild.

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Why Rich Rebuilds Is Opening A Tesla Repair Shop

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