Why monks had that haircut Why Cuban cab drivers earn more 2 days ago   05:43

There was a lot of thought behind the style — and controversy.

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What was the deal with that monk haircut? In this episode of Vox Almanac, Phil Edwards explores the history and controversy behind the style.

Known as "tonsure," the typical monk hairstyle has many variations throughout religions. The particular hairstyle worn by Christian monks has its own variations and controversies as well. Three different types of tonsure were popular: a coronal tonsure, a Pauline tonsure, and a third Celtic tonsure that came to represent the differences between the Roman Catholic and Celtic Catholic church.

The winding path of this tonsure is a new way to look at the division within the religion and the unpredictable ways something like hair can represent faith.

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Dhaawal Shivhare
First ten minutes:
Illuminati confirmed.
Jordan Violet
Peep Ronni from Jersey Shore at 5:25 lmao
So they could remain virgins
Erie chiftain
They must have some serious sum burns
Rita Samis
all i can say is *boi*
a l
Or.. it's just because males in Europe tend to loose their hair in that specific pattern. And the men in power tried to use it to their advantage. Male pattern baldness isn't something new..
King Hip-O
LeBron James' tonsure changes from game to game. What does that signify? 🤷‍♂️
Wobbles and Bean
Imagine being so fragile you're enraged by a haircut.
Angela Kristin
I thought the answer to this question was maybe an obscure bit of trivia, not an unknowable mystery!
The haircut is intended to humble monks. It doesn't imitate Jesus's crown of thorns so much as it brings to mind a balding man, a target of ridicule for at least as long as the catholic church has had monks. It's one of the ways the church sought to degrade their troops and bring them closer to God as they separated them from the world.

When it comes to fashion, it's difficult to find anything universally considered unflattering but this haircut seems to fit that bill. Monks are the only people who ever deliberately cut their hair this way and they don't do it very willingly.
The hair cut looks disgusting.
Kuy 〈3
At exactly 1:00 you can stop watching the video because the question in the title was answered during that time. The rest deviates from the title too much.
The Parakeets
Peep the fade doe
Chase Wulff
“Damn. I’m losing my hair. How can I keep people from knowing? I guess I could shave it just a little more and say it’s a religious thing.”
steve S
WHY DID MONKS HAVE THIS HAIRCUT? So you would know they were monks....Like now, people were vain, so cutting off your hair was a way to show dedication and loyalty to the church (in this case, the Roman Catholic, who forced their specific haircut on Britannia) Nuns used to cut off all their hair as well.
Everything Here
The Skype sound scares me
Man religion is soooo stupid....
Shardhana Morgan
I'm shocked. They had to cut their hair like that?? I thought it was just early onset male pattern baldness!
I Created An Account For This
Because it was, and still is, fashionable.
Vox is much better when they post videos like this than the liberal garbage they spew out
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Why Cuban cab drivers earn more Why monks had that haircut 2 days ago   05:01

In Cuba, cab drivers are the one percent

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Cuba’s economy works as a central planning model, where government ministries dole out resources and set everything from prices to inventories to salaries. The fact that a taxi driver can make so much more than a physician is a reflection of the Cuban government’s heavy focus on tourism. For years, the central planning apparatus has valued tourism as a key mechanism for both bringing in revenue as well as propagating the idea that Cuba is thriving. Many pesos are collected by the high prices on everything related to the tourism industry.

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