Why Salice and I Broke Up Part 2!!!!!! 🍵🍵 SALICE ROSE ADDRESSES 1 day ago   10:41

Chas F
Please be kind to one another, we are all going thru a hard time and I do not condone hatred. I encourage you all to speak up and break your silence. If you are in any kind of abusive relationship please seek professional help. If you have any suicidal thoughts please call the suicide hotline 1800-273-8255


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Chas F
Hey guys, I didn’t get to post the screenshot of my email so I’m going to put it as a highlight on my IG:ImJustChas 🙏🏼♥️
Lina Montelongo
Now I know what to watch when I can’t sleep 💀😴
Shantal Blaze
Salice has so much proof of what really happened, you should just delete everything and call it a day this is embarrassing
Patricia Martinez
Your still going on? You obviously were caught in a lie And just using your Ex for clout! Grow up you're not a Kid, You're not A Teenager you're An ADULT! MOVE ON AND GET A LIFE.
amariah castillo
She knew this would blow up using Salice’ name 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ mad cause Salice moved on & she stuck mopping floors 😬
Max The Beagle Boi
Just FYI a lot of studs are like this ! I know more than a few that Lie, manipulate, and use others to make themselves look better. She tries too hard to sound believable.. sucks for the next girl that needs to take care of you Chas. Make sure you get a job first cuz homegirls are gna clown 🤡 on you for how cheap you are and how you wouldn’t even pay for any bills while living with Salice.. like eww as a woman how embarrassing to just sit there and expect things to be paid for by her. And not once you thanked her. 31 year old?? That’s a yikes for me bro ✌🏼
Ashley Gonzalez
go to a psychologist your obsession with her is unbelievable
Michelle Jennifer
Girl you’re a grown ass women so act like one you are obviously pressed by the situation you put yourself in but it’s time to move on and keep her name out of your mouth
Fabby Serna
Max The Beagle Boi
This is how many subscribers she lost after Salice exposed her

taylor daughtery
you’re full of shit.
La Chona
Chas broo just stop lmaooo CLOUT CHASING 🤦🏻‍♀️
Christa Rowland
The fact that some of you can’t see what this girl is trying to do (and obviously has somewhat accomplished) is just ridiculous!!

CHAS YOU WANT FOLLOWERS? YOU WANT CLOUT? Let me just say this..in these types of situations I do my best to be neutral. I’ve been following Salice for a long time and will continue to do so!

NOW I watched your videos (the 3 you’ve posted since creating your account 4 years ago) FIRST..THEN I watched Salice’s video (the one and only video addressing this issue..which btw shouldn’t have been made public anyway seeing as how private she was with the entirety of the relationship!) not gonna lie I felt for you a little bc of your dads ashes and stuff but I feel confident in saying Salice would NEVER have done anything with them but made sure you got them out of respect for you and your father! However a few short mins into Salice’s video it became very apparent to me your motives behind all of this..and real talk it’s just wrong!! The fact that people are telling you to make more videos about Salice is even more wrong and I sincerely hope you take the high road and dead this issue bc it’s honestly not a good look!

So I’ll end this with the same challenge Salice gave you. If you can do it I will follow you and all that jazz. I’m not down with people stepping on others and throwing their name in the mud just to get somewhere in life. You should have enough confidence in yourself to get where you want to be just off of your talents or personality or whatever! You should never have to use someone else’s name to gain a following which is what you have pretty much done seeing as all 3 of your videos contain her name. SO I CHALLENGE YOU to not put up another video containing her name in the title. I also CHALLENGE YOU to make content that is about CHAS and her life and her personality and her moving on and being a good person!! I will gladly “smash that subscribe button” and “ring that bell” and hell I’ll even “give you a thumbs up!!” (Which is rare for me..idk why I just always forget to haha) so what do you say? Ignore all these drama loving trolls online..THATS TOXIC!! Rise above and do better sis..be better!!! Keep your head up and morals even higher! One love and God Bless!!


Momma Of2
you should be a actress girl that fake crying with no tears! damn girl lol talented
Arianna Jimenez76
your crazy af & your really look stupid
jerry basurto
fuckin loser dont know if its a boy or if its a girl what are u oh ya a broke bitch lol.. stay on your lane bro
wheres the reaction video to her destroying you, cuz I'm here for it :-p
Maricruz Galvan
Shut your alien looking ass up 😮
Sunset Lash Studio
Gloria Huerta
8:13 i thought she didnt have any friends lmao 😂😂 your such a liar
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🍵🍵 SALICE ROSE ADDRESSES Why Salice and I Broke Up Part 2!!!!!! 1 day ago   21:49

For all of yall who missed her instagram live here yall go and you're welcome. I hate taking sides and im not saying who is right or wrong but what she says is true, you can't just go believing everything you hear. Watch it and come to your own conclusions but the TEA IS HELLA HOT

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