Why don't perpetual motion machines Physics marble track review 1 day ago   05:31

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Perpetual motion machines — devices that can do work indefinitely without any external energy source — have captured many inventors’ imaginations because they could totally transform our relationship with energy. There’s just one problem: they don’t work. Why not? Netta Schramm describes the pitfalls of perpetual motion machines.

Lesson by Netta Schramm, animation by TED-Ed.

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Parag R.
Marvelous explanation
its happy to see our south asian scholars being acknowledged !! i feel that these scholars had knowledge way beyond todays science !!
politically incorrect
for all the brainwashed parrots ... the main point starts at 04:36
Bloodrayne Qweesy
So I’m thinking: what could be a perpetual motion machine? I came to the conclusion that we already have perpetual motion machines: atoms! I think this because in another TED ED video, it says that even in absolute zero, the coldest temperature that exists, atoms would still keep moving.
Mr Mickey 19
So basically charging a charger?
Nightcore Music
I actually had my own idea for perpetual motion machine make a robot that uses a crank handle to generate a charge of power ergo powering itself
Hello Mr.π
There is one way that i have found
Maybe some one might just get it and contact with me
Your Answer is simply:
Induced Current
Midhun Vr
Very informative... But the person you mentioned in the beginning is spelt "bhaa-skara" and not "bhas-kaara".
Engineer Duraid
Energy cant be consumed or created but it can be converted from one shape to another ...
Energy conservation law
Andrew Long
Now my question is. Is the universe a in perpetual motion
Wouldn't the universe be a self sastaning mashine?
Kpop Kookie Lover
Just created a Self Moving Frictionless Machine.

Nicolas Schultz
The only thing for a perpetual motion machine is a perfectly closed system in which the humans live off of the "useable" part of the constantly transitioning energy. Friction to Heat to Energy to driving an electric car to friction etc. The problem is not the perpetual motion machine it is the practical lack of a way to create a closed system as often used in physic thought experiments
Technically the entire universe is one tho
watergun gameing
before i watch this i bet its because of friction
I want to know, if we had a electric motor powered by a battery that spun a wheel that generated power back into its battery will it last longer than the same setup without the wheels ability to make power. Not trying to aim for perpetual motion here but rather a more efficient use of energy.
Super Noob
Erm, flat-earthers will solve this problem immediately.
Michael Weiske
Does an object orbiting the earth or the sun count as perpetual motion? The thing keeping it moving is the initial velocity and the attraction from gravity. We use this in tidal generators, having the changing water levels power turbines.

So do orbits count as perpetual motion?
loke arias
we need jevil to build one
Just a Question
Even the name explains why it doesn't work. Perpetual motion cannot be achieved with an excess amount of energy as the excess energy would need to go somewhere and taking energy away if it wasn't in excess would result in lost power. It's like dividing by zero.
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Physics marble track review Why don't perpetual motion machines 1 day ago   07:11

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Introduction song. is an Apple jingle found in the iMovie media files, the title is called "catwalk, medium"

For more information and explanations on any of the tracks demonstrated in this video, see the following posting.

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One last note, I've had some comments on me mispronouncing height as heighth. My possible responses:

1. sometimes I get nervous in front of the camera and have moments where my brain shuts down.

2. We grew up pronouncing it that way.

3. We all make mistakes.....but is it really a mistake ?

4.. Merriam Webster dictionary to my rescue- Heighth- expressed as a dialectal variant of the word height. Part that rises or extends upwards, the highest part

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