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When Catalonia pushed for independence from Spain in 2017, government leaders in Madrid did everything they could to stop it.
They declared the secession referendum illegal, and police blocked polling stations.
12 Catalan leaders who organised the vote have gone on trial in Madrid, in what their supporters are calling a 'show trial'.
Spain's Former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is among 500 witnesses expected to testify live on TV over the next three months.
The leaders face up to 25 years in jail if convicted of rebellion, sedition, and misusing public funds.
Will divisions in Spain be widened?

Presenter: Elizabeth Puranam

Kristian Herbolzheimer - Director, International Catalan Institute for Peace
Victor Sole - International Officer, Nationalist Youth of Catalonia
Gabriel Garroum - Researcher on Catalan nationalism, King's College London

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Comments 131 Comments

Ritzmonde Natividad
5 years independence war
Geo economics
Spain is still member of USA empire organization NATO
Which means Catalonia has 0% chance to break away from Spain
Reg Eric
I want to make a referendum too: Should we legalize public executions? YES/NO
Powder Skier
Galicians also want to seperate from spain, and they deserve to have their own country
Powder Skier
Catalans are not Spanish, they have their own language and culture, they do not want to be in spain so let them go. The Basque also are not spanish they should be able to have their independance
Powder Skier
I cant wait for Catalonia and Basque get their freedom. Then spain will be a nothing nation and they know it. It will be their punishment for travelling the world and killing civilizations and stealing
LOL Spain hasn't a paramilitary police. The Guardia Civil is a police created in the XIX century to mantain order and law in the rural areas.
Robert Oliva Vidal
Thank you AlJazeera for your nice, serious journalism on the topic.
Lord Genasis
I trust Al Jareera more than my anyone.
Alexander Williams
This piece is disgracefully impartial.
DJ Trevi
Empires fall, borders change! Does anyone remember Nuevo España? Only time will tell. Let's all just be nice to each other!
Republic of Catalonia! The spain is a fascist country! Boycot spain and spaniards! I do!👍🇵🇹
Serg Orton
Their future will be to asume they will carry on being Spanish as their passports say. If the do not want , no probs, give up the passport and leave the country. Or they can arm themselves and try to take the land and then time will tell.
Diego Emilio
The future is that they roll up those little "estelada" flags they put out everywhere, including the Barcelona soccer games and then stick them up their rear ends, where the sun "don't shine."
So Bias. I thought Aljazeera would be impartial but I guess I was wrong
Fran J
Que imparcial ha sido todo el video.... que vergüenza de aljazeera.
Gonza Carur
Please don't talk about Catalonia meaning the independence people, obviously is a important part of the region but there are a lot of people against as well. I think that it is a disrespect for the other (actually a bit more) half- part of Catalonia.
Moreover this is a coup trying to be dress up, Catalonia has to get his independence following the democracy and rule of law... In conclusion respect the current laws.
Juan Pablo Fernandez
Any person from any nation in the world who is willing to cheerfully support the supposed freedom of Catalonia should be prepared to assume that in their beloved nations will begin to appear processes of independence of some of their regions.
Juan Pablo Fernandez
Not to mix anybody up, the story of catalán nationalism isn't a story of love their own homeland, but it's the story of hatred to Spain.
Jesús B L
The problem in Catalunya should carefully be followed by Europe and remaining developed countries. It has never been another country, it has never been oppressed, it has never been abused by Spain, as they try to show all world once and again.
Spain is one of the most decentralized countries in the world, and these recent years, incomprehensible, supremacism has reached one of the most developed zones of our country.
It has led to a fascism which decided that what belong to all of us, our country, was being splited because a small number of ‘selected’ citizens wanted to. That imposition is fascism, based in the wrong perception that they own what belongs to all of us.
Now they complain everywhere about law reacting to it. The acts commited, breaking our country in two, are very serious, and of course punished in our law, as it would in any developed country.
Now they call that oppression, when that is an insult to countries and people who suffer real oppression.
And to all spanish people.
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What’s behind the Catalan movement 🇪🇸 What's the future for Catalonia's 1 day ago   09:07

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced Saturday he’ll dissolve Catalonia’s government and exercise direct control over the region of 7.5 million people. The announcement is intended to stop the independence movement in Catalonia, which voted to secede in a referendum this month. NewsHour Weekend Special Correspondent Malcolm Brabant reports on the roots of Catalan separatism.

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