The Last Days of Death Row Inmate The Controversial Guru Who Wants to 'Upgrade 2 days ago   14:18

“If you say you’re going to f***ing kill someone, you should f***king kill them.”

Last weekend, death row inmate Scott Dozier apparently decided he was done waiting for Nevada to kill him: Prison officials found him hanging from a bed sheet in his cell.

In 2018, Dozier was set to become the first person in the U.S. executed with fentanyl. Then his execution was postponed. Gianna Toboni reported on the case for VICE on HBO.

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Prison officials found him hanging from a bed sheet, tied to an air vent in his solo cell on Saturday. They pronounced him dead at 4:35 p.m.
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Singsing Song
Hilarious. Meanwhile western culture is being undermined by waste. Choke on my carbon footprint. ps.This guy just won.
Okay guys he’s has big vocabulary we all get it now
Ivvan Olivier
That dude is straight up awesome.
Mike G
"Why are you still alive?"
". . .Right?"

Holy shit.
Terrence Head
If he knew where he was going, he would definitely want to live.
fightvids 2018
It’s weird because I’m watching someone who’s dead rn
maureen mckillop
It's great he's wearing designer glasses and works out to keep his body fit. He's a selfish man and is still controlling behind bars as much as he was controlling lives while dealing drugs.
Anant Ray
This video was uploaded on YouTube 2 days after Scott dozier committed suicides. RIP
Jicheol Ha
He hanged himself in January of 2019 while still waiting for the execution... :(
John K
You people really want to know how to put people to death when it comes to the death penalty you kill that prisoner by using the guillotine you chop that person’s head off.

Witch consists of a tall, upright frame in which a weighted and angled blade is raised to the top and suspended.
Austin Stout
Just start sending ppl to prison and theyll learn a whole bunch of smart words hahahahah
It's crazy how surprised people are by his intellect. As if being intelligent is antonymous with a life of crime
TM Gerber
Does anyone really feel sorry for these botched executions??? I mean, did they feel sorry as they performed their rapes murders etc???
Ben Dalrymple
Ok why did she have to stand outside all dramatic in the wind. I hate the way vice gets all pretentious and overboard with the whole artsy fartsy thing
Kimberly Baxter
More humane??? What is wrong with the system??? These are CRIMINALS, they gave up all their humane rights when they KILLED!!! What rights do the families have of those killed?? I'm so sick of the criminals crying for humane treatment! What about their victims???
Handsome Devil
The chemistry between these two is good.
Red Butterfly
Its a torture that they let him know he was going to be killed using fentanyl and he got excited, so when they postpone it he got depressed and take it in his own way. Lesson learn: dont tease this vulnerable, its mental torture that they cant bear.
Julien D.
Lmao @ all the people in the comments mesmerized by this inmate's vocabulary, it's not like the only thing interesting he can do while locked up is to read
Joe Foster
Texas is the best place if you want to be executed unlike most of the other bullshit states we actually excute people
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The Controversial Guru Who Wants to 'Upgrade The Last Days of Death Row Inmate 2 days ago   25:24

Bentinho Massaro has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, supporters the spiritual guru gained through his teachings about “self-realization,” “enlightenment,” and the idea of “upgrading civilization.” While some of his ideas are pretty standard, like the importance of silent meditation, others are controversial: he’s said that 9/11 was an inside job, that he can change the weather, and that humans might one day join forces with aliens.

To his devout followers, he’s an inspiration—but his critics have accused him of “cult-like” practices and peddling conspiracy theories during his retreats, which run up to $2,000 a pop. For an inside look at Massaro’s teachings, we went to one of his retreats in the Netherlands, speaking with his colleagues, his followers, and Massaro himself to try to understand exactly what the appeal is—and what he makes of the accusations against him.

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