Why has China become world leader World's 'biggest push' for wind 1 day ago   16:14

In the face of global warming and energy crisis, people across the world have reached a consensus that optimizing energy-consumption structures and building new energy-supply systems are of great urgency. Check out this video to see why China has become the world leader in renewable energy.

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Comments 78 Comments

Chinese are pragmatic and does not follow shitty western Christianity denying climate change.
Shaune Huolohan
China should move metal refining, to areas of excess power.?
Mr Havisham
Is this guy a reporter or an actor?
David Lee
Good job
because we can't ask from the nature always, we can need repay to the nature at the same time so that balance can be kept. that's our traditional thinking of Taoism from long time ago.
Michael Jenkins
it does not includ electricl bicycle in china,there are hundreds of millions electric bicycles in china.
Mark Fischer
Electric cars in China is a futile effort. China gets 70 percent of its electrical energy burning coal. Even making a dent would take a monumental effort. Electric cars will increase the electrical load. Electric cars move the CO2 and pollution from the tailpipes of running engines to the smokestacks of power plants when batteries are charging. 5 percent of the energy is lost in the power grid heating wires and transformers. Hundreds of millions of Chinese use coal for heating their homes. China burns as much coal as the rest of the world combined. In the past China resisted making any changes claiming it would hurt their economy. They were right. But the US wasn't about to hurt its economy for the sake of China. Nevertheless the US carbon footprint has gone down largely by switching to natural gas, a much cleaner fuel. Europe failed to meet its Kyoto protocol targets and is failing to meet its Paris Accord targets. China is realizing its own climate change problems but it's too little, too late, and electric vehicles won't make much difference even under the most optimistic scenarios.
Propaganda and fake posts. How much is china paying you guys? CGTN is funded by Chinese government.
liz jensen
One reason is that they are starting with a clean slate: no existing infrastructure, no previous concepts of what their power source should look like, top tech development at same or less prices as our outdated stuff.
Hector Andem
At the end of the day, even if Climate Change *was* a hoax (it's not, by the way), and even if we pretended that air pollution didn't exist (it does), *_why on earth would you want to pay someone else for your energy?_*
bird of paradise
China & Chinese are working hard to build a better future!! We focus on development through hard working, learning, unlimited long working hours with testing, examinations to make everything becomes possible & accessible & ...........................👍👏🙏
Nightcor EDM
Taking energy from the sun is like declaring war on the sun.
because ccp is stupid enough to build the three gorges dam to cause another envoirnmental disaster, it only helps the then PM li peng's family to get more corruption money.
edit: Frankly, more renewable energy projects, more chance of corruption.
조선 통일한국바Clown
China and the United States are both possible. But South Korea and Japan are absolutely impossible.
Chong FooYit
So happy to see China doing well in helping the earth because all the while they are blame for polluting the world. Hope with China hard work can help making the earth greener and healthier. Add oil China
Xi Jinpig
Because CCP maggots claim anything they want...true or not.
Major Troll
Good work china ... You have my respect
Bargain Ninja
Why? Because unlike some hypocrites in the west who think it's a hoax or whose idea of recycling is dumping trash on poorer countries and then act like some morally superior kunt, China doesn't just talk the talk but actually walk the walk.
Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen
China cares for environment friendly. China cares for human being.
Trump doesn't care he said its hoax. Americunt doesn't believe in peace.
Dennis Tienesen
I'll keep this video in mind for some crooked 'right' propaganda idiots who swear that our climate plans are nonsense. We should really allow Chinese cars in Europe. And I have no doubt it will happen. In 10 or 20 years more than half of the cars sold in Europe could be Chinese. Or at least have Chinese technology on board. If European car manufacturers work closely together with China it's a win win for both. Multilateralism. But we should allow Chinese cars too.
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World's 'biggest push' for wind Why has China become world leader 1 day ago   04:08

China has embarked on the greatest push for renewable energy the world has ever seen. Turbine construction
Reduced prices could make Chinese-made turbines more appealing to buyers abroad

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