Trying a new substrate- CocoBlox We Hatched a Cuban False Chameleon!! 1 day ago   11:11

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We're always game for trying new products, as it often introduces us to new and even better ways to care for our reptiles in captivity! Today we try out CocoBlox, a new-ish coconut-based substrate, with our Fat-tailed geckos and False water cobras and let you know how they (and we) like it!

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Greg Williams
I put cypress mulch on top of coco fiber and it seems to stay humid better
Greg Williams
The ones I use come in smaller blocks
Greg Williams
Such a beautiful young lady
Crested Constellations
Lmao i saw the sink fiasco coming 😂
Felicia Singh
Is this good for ball python enclosures?
for larger compact blocks trying breaking them apart before exposing them to water.
Tanya Quagliotto
OMG Hi Emily (sorry if I spelt your mame rong please tell me.) I love your videos please give me a shout out becusw that would make me so happy.
PUBG Georgia
Sorry have you got snake with venom
Kim Glynn
Did anybody notice that the fat tailed geckos tail are the shape of their head
Sentilong Jamir
This People Are too Clever....🤣😭🤣 Can't stop laughing...she is showing this stuff so that she can or may get sponsorship wahahahaha..... 💯 Proof
Simon Gillgannon
you can dry co co husk out and it works really well for my hog nose snake
Meadowsweet's Water String
Would u recommend this for ball pythons?
I have a tortoise (sulcata) which needs high humidity but under my young suclata cage is my bearded dragon. Many ideas to.keep my bearded dragon cage low humidity and tortoises high humidity?
Matt Burns
I got something that'll grow in her hands, but she'll need both hands 😁🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😋🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I know a sick, twisted sense of humor. On a more serious side this channel completely solid information great vid
Kiva Hunter
Looks like you have a lot left over, especially after you only used half of the first block. Gonna have to use it more I guess
the corner of the box
Elizabeth L
I recently decided to experiment with coco fiber for gardening. I expanded it into a large bucket and it filled a large patio planter. I added fertilizer since it was straight fiber. So far it’s held up to the (wetter than average) hot South Dakota summer. It’s much finer than what you’re us, but there was a warning that it might contain non- organic materials as part of the processing. My peppers, cilantro, thyme, rosemary, and cantaloupes are happy. Isopods have moved in, as have some happy ants. My youngest teen claims to have seen a lizard in the pot that ran off when being watered. Specifically, I used Expert Gardiner Organics Expanding Soil. It’s supposed to be 100% sterile, ph neutral coconut coir, but has a not-for-organic-farming-in-California label. I bought it at the franchise that starts with the big W. I bought it because I could pick it up and put it in a cart, unlike the giant bags of non-organic soil which were too heavy.
Lynda Martinez
You think you could sell me a ball Python
Havic Johnson
Hi Emily I subscribed and I am going to get some of your merch you are the best youtuber in the world
Mohamed A. M. Abd Elbasit
her shirt has rick and morty!
who else notice?
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We Hatched a Cuban False Chameleon!! Trying a new substrate- CocoBlox 1 day ago   09:04

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We're excited to announce that we hatched an ADORABLE Cuban false chameleon!! We were waiting until we hit 1,000,000 subs to share the news, and here we are! Enjoy!



Music by BenSound and YouTube studio library.

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