Transfer data from iPhone HOW TO Transfer Content from iPhone 1 day ago   04:03

You can also use this tool ( ) to transfer data from iPhone to Android just with one-click.

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LINK: How to backup with iCloud

This video will show you how to transfer content, such as music, clips, photos, messages and contacts from your iPhone, iOS device to your Android device via Apple's iCloud service. In this video we transfer the iPhone SE data to a Samsung Galaxy S6 via iCloud.


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just a name
Can I transfer GTA San Andreas to my android???? Asking that because I don't wanna pay again for the GTA San Andreas
great vid but unfortunately if you have 2-factor authentication on your Apple ID then it won't work. it requires you to turn off 2-factor authebtivation but that can't be done for Apple ID :/
Izzy Johnson
Whats if u wanna take ur Chat backups u saved already on ur iCloud
flydragon 2007
Doea tbis erase ll the data from the iphone
mriga chachra
Will this work for one plus?
sarmas vali
It is not working in ios
I hate this guy. I hate when people say 'guys' and 'go ahead.' Fuck you.
Thank u now I can have minecraft on ios and android yey
Musannif Achrekar
Its not working for Sony Xperia Z5
I'm a hair on the top of your phone :P
Can i transfer a paid app like (Minecraft) to Samsung?

Or there is no hope because Apple and Samsung never collab?
Arpan Roy
can we transfer whats app data same like that ??
thank you so much for this video i recently switched to samsung but i traded my iphone so i thought i never had any way to get my stuff back
Jagjit Gill
very good info Thank you keep it up
Hey it's lazarbeam
its Uzi
Does it work for apps if you have data on it like music?
Brandyn Gerber
does this work with whatsapp
X SydKick
Will it work for games
Mahesh Dabas
Can we transfer game progress also?
ansh dubey
Please tell if it transfer game data to Android 🙏🙏🙏🙏...PUBG.....if yes please make a video on that... please
Hi I was just wondering if I need the iPhone for the transfer
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HOW TO Transfer Content from iPhone Transfer data from iPhone 1 day ago   07:18


I'm gonna take you through the super simply process of using Samsung Smart Switch to transfer your content from your iPhone to the shiny new Samsung smartphone!

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Want to do the opposite and transfer from an Android phone to your new iPhone? HOW TO here:

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