World's Funniest Comics On The Graham Tom Hanks On Becoming Forrest Gump 2 days ago   10:03

The Graham Norton Show
Part two of the worlds funniest comics. Watch Part one here:

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Ruben de Jong
I feel good about this video containing a lot of Robin Williams.
1:05 I remember when dubya was the punchline... Now it's even easier
Nat G
We love you Robin Williams. You ain’t seen nobody like him
I miss Robin Williams.
clayton lamee
Would love to have a table discussion with Robin Williams, Tim Conway and John Ritter. That would probably the funniest thing ever. R.I.P. three Legends of Comedy.
Conn Benn
8:31 Graham’s irish accent comes out abit
joshua jackson is HOTTTT!!!!
Jennifer Jennings
Ive been watching vids all day .One thing to say where is the red chair bits ? Please
Frixie Jattel
Anuj Thakur
Tina Fey my god😍😍😍
Farouk King
R.I.P Robin Williams.
Seth Setiadha
Oohh...I miss robin, he really got great sense of humor. It's such a big lost.
Tiger Quinn
Robin Williams never met a gay joke he didn't like.
nyctophile rv
Robin 😭😭
Erin Landers
Robin Williams is everything.
Wow. That was funny.
Colin McCord
Joan rivers was a true comedic genius.
Fla Fla
Your show makes me so happy. I haven't laughed like this in months. Lots of love from Romania. Wish I could watch it on the telly over here.
Joel Rodriguez
Damn the only 2 that was actually funny.
I really miss Robin.
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Tom Hanks On Becoming Forrest Gump World's Funniest Comics On The Graham 2 days ago   06:36

Tom discusses some of his classic characters, and talks about the origin of Forrest Gump.


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