Lamborghini Aventador Snow Plow You're NEVER GONNA BELIEVE 1 day ago   17:42

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OBs Savage
Im triggerd becaude u Remove snow from the adventador
Rifat Kocabay
Burası amerika gotune girsin damerika
Vrushali Jain
The Aventador was looking wonderful 😘😘😘😘
marsha harwell
Tina Garza
I remember this snow storm. We were snowed in down in the valley... February was a sad month my friend committed suicide 2/10/19 right after this storm
Why is this car registered in Oregon? NOTE: I HATE registering cars...HATE Taxes! But...Why Oregon?
Gael A
anil shakya
I love your lambo
The Beast of Poop LOL
the Audi R8 cost about: 986,067
The Beast of Poop LOL
did the Lamborghini cost: 500,647 $ ??????
Paul jurja
I can't even afford one of those even in my dreams but if I would have one I would do exactly the same no doubt ab it , you're doing it right buddy ! Wish I'd be you lol 🤣🤣🤣 , be safe and enjoy !
Nathaniel MacRae
#snowy lambo
ivy nolasco
Tad sow cool
Kurt Sumthinorother
Graphite will fix that squeak for long time
Brax187 channel
Hey, i drove my charger r/t in the snow for the first time this year in utah cause what other snow is there lol. but i had the most fun.
Eva Purbasari
sangat bagus tidak terkalahkan
MrJeyk MMA
баран сука
David Sparks
You dummy: exhaust is carcinogenic!
Lamborghini actually does testing in Sweeden so I do think they had snow in mind Stradman ;)
Pato Swag
It looks sick in the snow
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You're NEVER GONNA BELIEVE Lamborghini Aventador Snow Plow 1 day ago   12:46

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