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David Sinclair, Ph.D., A.O. is a Professor in the Department of Genetics and co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School. His new book "Lifespan: Why We Age And Why We Don't Have To" is now available.

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Alex Trout
Put the pigmees in bellator to fight joe’s friend
Laura Shand
Joe- Islam has nothing to do with "bride kidnapping"
Get dr. Tony huge and coach Trevor on they use metformin for nutrient partitioning for bodybuilding purposes would be a awesome podcast to listen to then explain how they utilize that, HGH, insulin and SARMS (selective androgen response modulators) in their protocols!
I have hyperlipidemia (High LDL-Bad) cholesterol, I'm on the statin medications, and there is some side-effects to them, but the Keto diet and CoQ10 helps a TON. I'm still in the process of losing weight, and only started the statins, because my doctor was so scared if I didn't. I'm also on metformin, because I was pre-diabetic few years back, and my doctor said I need to stay on it until my insulin resistance is in check. Now, like Joe, I've heard all these stories about not needing the statins, and they're actually doing way more harm than good. I hope this guy figures this out.
Keep pressing 56:00
Reservetrol increases Estrogen. I’m a guy so I don’t want that.
James G
Jamie needs to explain to Joe Rogan Sinclair wasn't kidding about the BJ, he was offering to hook joe up for a top off and a selfie.
David do not smile or moves so he can’t get older lol
Dudeeeeee. He needs to read "The Cholesterol Myth." There is nooooooooooo way he needs statins. Also, this is my favorite episode EVER!!! Check out Ben Greenfield's article on sleep. He addresses how to overcome jet lag.
Vincent Schiatt
Joe “how are you getting your D” Rogan.
Chad Aitken
The more I know the more I need to know about nutrition. If metformin down-regulates Mito, then does antibiotics also down regulate mito. I always thought antibiotics hurt your immune system?
Great guy! Awesome to see him back on the show.
MICHAEL Hernandez
when i take metformin it makes me shit lke a bandit
James G
Joe Rogan would let this guy shoot him in the ass with a mystery syringe if he said it would add on 10 minutes.
Matt Henderson
Does Joe not know that they confiscated the foods for a totally different reason than health? It's called taxes! Whooo. This was a black market food trade. You know what happens if you sell deer meat?
tag pebble
Amazing as always!
Please look at Carbon 60!!!!!
C60 :) Fullerenes.
Comment on that! :) C60
Grateful aya
the religion of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the biggest scams humans have ever experienced
Bridgette Ferrante
Just ordered the book from Amazon! Can’t wait to read it!
Jay Santos
His looks are like he is going to eat Joe alive. Lol
Артём Клок
Hey dude, I’m from Kyrgyzstan! I’m not kidding
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Joe Rogan Experience #1343 - Penn Joe Rogan Experience #1349 - David 1 day ago   1:48:06

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