CHILD'S PLAY Official Trailer Chucky vs Glen | Seed Of Chucky 1 day ago   01:14

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The wait is over, your best friend has arrived. From the producers of IT comes Child’s Play, in theaters June 21. #ChildsPlayMovie

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my god, people in hollywood simply have no more imagination or ideas anymore... "just keep remaking movies, we need another few million for the pile! dont care how shit it is!"
nibu nibu
And I oh God when I saw the saw the toy factory I've had that in a dream with a killer doll and I've I've seen any of these ads or the film 👀
nibu nibu
I was gonna say the f word when n I saw the mom dying but I saved myself with fart
Natalia Burnsed
Why he look like dat
Pan Da
this movie is so good
Venom Ido
Best friends best friends best friends best friends best friends best friends best friends best friends best friends best friends
Buddi Doll
Kaslan thats were i work at!!!!
Shock Wave
its quite good, watch it
Cameron Shultz
I honestly am pissed about this I watched the movie and shit but fuck whoever made this I want the original I haven't watch like 12 hours of the other chucky movies only to see that some asshats are trying to remake it I mean if you made it when the original series was finally at an end then maybe I'd be a little bit more happy about it but I'm also disappointed is anyone else I mean they been doing this shit with every movie not every killer needs a god damn reason to kill maybe it's fun maybe there's no reason but why the hell appeal like chucky is the victim which is what they tried to capture like he had no choice the chucky we all know and love is a serial killer in a doll with his choice being to kill and this is just so stupid that they also took the fucken type of mood from their other movie "it" where the kids get together and stop him this is not fucken "it" this is fucken chucky and everyone who disagrees with the shit I'm saying fuck you you're not a real chucky fan #fuckinbringbackchucky it's a new movement I just started fuck this and fuck you and to you real chucky fans "what would Martha Stewart do"😂
Moon Man
This is for Tupac 🔪
alex thompson
prefiero la Chuky 1-2-3 son las mejores ...esta es pésimo
what did they do to my Chucky? He looks way too adorable, not creepy at all, duh xD
Did Brad Dourif retire from doing the voice for Chucky?
pika chu
Yo partisipo
Patrick 1
Wow it’s now ruined...
Joshua Harvey
Why he made like this there lair forbthis
Andreas A
This film was so different from the original that I could not call it a remake, more like a reboot. I enjoyed it but what it lacked was Chucky been an actual threat... you remove his battery and voila. Old Chucky was something supernatural and that came with a certain amount of mystery and thrill. Overall enjoyed my time watching this. I laughed and also even felt sorry for Chucky (believe it or not) cause all he wanted was a best friend...forever
hehe _
me shitting myself watching this in the car
Gung bojog
Look how they massacred my boy...

Good guy dolls are better than buddi imo
Farman Khan
Child's play 2019 Hindi dubbed plz
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Chucky vs Glen | Seed Of Chucky CHILD'S PLAY Official Trailer 1 day ago   04:46

Glen has had enough of Chucky's antics and decides to murder him.
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