Thermostats: Cooler than you think! Digital ICE: The High-Tech Dust 1 day ago   17:03

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Boy do I have a COOL topic for you today. We’re gonna turn up the HEAT with this one!

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Technology Connections
Some additional information!
Firstly, two-stage heating is _sorta_ common so the notion that "there is no medium blast" is _probably_ true but if you have a fancy pants HVAC system, then maybe cranking the heat up _might_ make it go faster. No idea what percentage of homes have a two stage heating system, but I'd guess it's in the 10-20% range.
In re: the thermostat wire question. Apparently, to this day, the current going through the contactors that actually turn on the high current loads such as your A/C or an electric furnace's heating elements is carried through the thermostat. So, it's more than just color coding; they are designed to carry some current, and thus need to be a minimum wire gauge. So while Cat5 cable or similar would probably work for most HVAC systems, it might not be able to carry enough current for others (and could, potentially, pose a fire risk under the right circumstances).
On that note, and I'm mad at myself for not bringing this up, you might have noticed that in the mechanical thermostat, a separate insulated wire connects the R terminal to the contact on the bimetallic strip. This prevents the current from being carried through the bimetallic strip, which could inadvertently heat it up and prematurely stop the furnace. Neat!
What bothers me is that my thermostat doesn’t report the temperature accurately. I program the thermostat to run the air con on cooler days to trigger when the temperature reaches 78 F, and then have to reprogram it to trigger to run the air con when the temperature is 72 when the outside temperature is warmer. The same thing is required in the winter: a preset has to be changed based on how cold it is outside.
Pie 4life
When this channel is more educational than your math class. Don’t worry I can find the fucking angle of a shadow but I don’t know the temp set doesn’t effect the heat output
JP Stone
Who makes Tacos on a toaster oven?
Casey H.
any chance you'd consider talking about mini-split systems? some interesting technology going on in there
Ian Nathanatos
I had a nest for a while. It was definitely a newer model than the one shown. I got the nest so I could control it from my phone. But sadly it had to be replaced when we got a whole new a/c unit installed. The even newer Lennox is a smart thermostat which not only has time settings but presets for time of year. I have saved summer, winter is coming, and winter. Since I’m in Florida, the summer setting is on the longest. And the winter is coming is only slightly different from summer. The Lennox has a phone feature but I’ve yet to set it up.
Jason Knight
No rotary with the mercury switch?
Snug Breezy
I'm so glad I stumbled across this channel!!!!
Wilhelm Sarasalo
Yeah, but try to explain that to your neighbors in a poorly insulated office building with an undersized heat pump, especially if they are doctors or lawyers. Max it is, either direction.
American air conditioners annoy the shit outta me when we visited. It's ancient design means it can only be turned on or off (fan only or full blast) which is noisy at night. Inverters can adjust the output dynamically which is not only more efficient but also prevents intermittent on/off and temperature variations.
kirso osrik
So glad i stayed to see that mercury switch, awesome tech. Thank you
A Potato
For me all this heater/thermostat stuff it's pure fantasy, temps don't change much here
This is probably said elsewhere in the comments, most commercial systems avoid the use of batteries with direct feed to the thermostat. This was very helpful at one place where I noticed the thermostat was dead and immediately was able to determine that the furnace was not functioning. It turned out that the condensate pump got unplugged brilliant which caused it to trip the thermostat circuit and not allow anything to operate. Although it was a very bit too cold. And that case I don't believe the blue wire was connected I believe that it was running in series. Fairly basic digital thermostat.

We used to live in a very old house that only had two wire thermostat cable I almost thought that it was exactly the same as what was used for doorbells in the early age. The colors were red and white and it had a Mercury switch. I agree we have standardized everything to the Point where it's not standard it's own product SKU depending on what you're doing. So thermostat wire is really just a certain gauge and certain number of conductors that idiots can say I want and the store can say here you go in XYZ length. So essentially it is just smaller gauge Romex albeit with a different brand name. Phone wire on the other hand has a lot more going on than you would think at some point we went from basic 2 or 4 to twisted pair in the house ... when at one point it was just smaller gauge solid copper conductors.
Aidan Knoll
I have no thermostat in my room. I have a unit with a knob that I can set to off, vent, heat, hi-cool, or low-cool. There is a thermostat in my house, just not in my bedroom. Ironically, I also have a Haiku fan in my room.
Wickedly Gravitational
Had I not seen things done and thought by people to an even higher level of stupidity, I would not believe that there are people that actually think the temperature set on the thermostat affects the rate of cooling/heating.
The Washable Bomb
Here's some boosted engagement for ya. You've earned your boosted engagement.
Matheus Bitencourt
Name of song at end please
So in the case of a unit that does have the emergency heat option as well as the heat pump, doesn't that mean that turning the heat up much higher DOES mean it heats faster since it can turn on both? Pretty sure in my old house I had a thermostat that would automatically turn on the E.heat anytime the room temp was 10 or more degrees below the desired temp as well as engaging it when it was so cold that a full heat pump cycle wasn't enough to get the temp to the desired number.

Also my cousin's thermostat has something similar to what you ask for at the end, all changes to the temp are assumed to be a 2 hour change provided you have a programmed schedule running. You have to press extra buttons to change that actual schedule so just hitting up or down is always temporary.
this type of thermostats is total garbage :-D
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Digital ICE: The High-Tech Dust Thermostats: Cooler than you think! 1 day ago   12:07

In this video we explore Digital ICE, an image processing technique involving infrared light, photographic film, and a dash of algorithmic magic.

A particularly good example of Kodachrome and Digital ICE:

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