🇸🇾 'Civilians killed' as US-backed El Chapo found guilty on all 10 charges 2 days ago   01:43

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The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, a US-backed armed group, have continued an assault on ISIL's last enclave in northeastern Syria, but say they are concerned about civilian casualties.

Reports say that anti-ISIL coalition air raids have killed at least 16 civilians, including six children, overnight.

Al Jazeera's Imran Khan reports from Gazientep in Turkey on the border with Syria.

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Ibrahim Somali
Kurdish scums doing deal with American devil In order to get a state. Now I understand why kurdish pkk terrorists are hated group in the Muslim world. Kurdish people are lead by Marxist communist leaders and pentagon.
Nplos Le
They are Muhammad and his six year old wife Aisha in paradise with allah , inshamuhammad
donald doyle
Kill all Americans troops in Syria who are there illegally according to international law and must leave immediately or be killed, TRUMP and MBS are murderers and should hang for killing thousands of civilians in Yemen and Syria
If the Allies would of held back in the liberation of France because of civilian casualties they would still be fighting the Germans today.
France is a terrorist nation full of ISIS scum
ISIS leaders are CIA and Mossad agents.
Devon Alexander
Wives of ISIL Fighters who went their voluntarily, HANG THEM!
Yassine St
Murdering war criminals. SDF are American puppets
Michael Zimmermann
From Canada. Americunts just can’t help being the evil worthless scum they are. With luck all their military come home in a bag.
Peterorrs hooterder
Americunt news never showed they bomb civilians the warmonger knows how.
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El Chapo found guilty on all 10 charges 🇸🇾 'Civilians killed' as US-backed 2 days ago   07:21

Notorious Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman has been convicted of trafficking cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana and expected to be sentenced to life in prison.

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