Can't Stop Won't Stop Imagine Dragons - Thunder 10 months ago   03:49

Can't Stop Won't Stop
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Alright kick back relax and let’s hit it again
while you go tell your mother father cousin or kin
and your other friends, that don’t even have a clue
what this two dude crew is about to do
you know it ain’t fools gold this is kryptonite
super mc’s freeze when i hit the mic right
E F F is my AKA
I keep it popping like bubble double u RAP
And if you don’t know by now, then listen up stupid
CSWS came to do it
got more flavor than you and your crew kid
So get your hands up if you’re ready to lose it and
bounce to the bounce to the breakneck beat
and like junior senior said to move your feet yo
You bring the ruckus, I’ll bring the refreshments
And stay fresh to death like I’m choking on a breath mint

I feel I can fly
I'm on 678 cloud 9
And ain't nothin gonna stop me
Cuz I'm just too mighty and high
can't nobody get me down

Up and away, lemme get that
touching ozone with no jetpack
I’ma bag of bones full of helium
lead foot on the verse, equilibrium
Raps a million, none quotidien
Extraordinaire, next heir to the throne
like a rising son making rising sums
Up and away with a million thumbs
So self-made you’d think I was asexual
Fresh biggie lemme finish my victuals (bon appetit)
Yeah time for treats, better get it fast ‘fore it melts in the heat
I’m wrecking on the mic I’m on a mission to ruin
You wanna how it’s done? Then get to doin’ as I’m doin’
I’ma sally forth like a stallion, raps komandant
In bold font wordplay savant


Hey naysayers, how y’all been?
It’s been a minute but I’m in it to win
And I aint finished this is the starting gun
and I’ma run it to the front until i’m number one son
this is a rhythmic defibrillation
innovative old school to thrill the nation
I been patiently waiting and building steam
but i’m back with the bounce like a trampoline, Oh please
I feel it bubbling up
it’s ten times bigger but it’s never enough
Ya gotta get up early or you’ll miss the call
so let me show all of y’all whats in my crystal ball
I sized up the prize eyes on the opportunity
my mind on my money and my roots in the community
so get your beauty sleep creativity coma
My future’s so bright i’m getting melanoma


Fresh big, how you feelin?
David eff, man I'm on top
I can't believe they're hearing this
From the rooftop of hip hop
Fresh big, how you feeling?
David eff, man I'm on top
I can't believe they're feelin this
From the rooftop of hip hop

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lord dragon
Ahaha kwebblekop
Blake Seiter
Everyone saying they're here from kwebbelkop but I forgot he even existed
This is so old omg
Ethan DANI
Good tunes
Elijah Harding
2019 anyone?
Doge dotz
kwebblekop is best
Jurjensgaming Louwet
Who came here becuase of kwebbelkobs description
baneen raza
hate this song here bcz of kweblkop
Anonymous Ax0lotL
dab on them haters
Cevie Jackie

Ha jk idfc
Leo Eieo
Leo Eieo
Jaden777 Mckinney
People over here saying they came from kwebbelkop

Digz playzz
Who came here from kwebblekop
Letty n sean Deanda
Nice music nice song it was clean 👌 👍👍👍 I love it dude
Some kops
Erwin Van Quickelberge
Raj Gaming TV
Omg, i love this song. Especially the music😍😍😍 Please make an instrumental version of this !!!
Joshtinsanshe953 sanchez
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