Libya: Is Russia supporting the Tripoli Libya: Benghazi dreams of a brighter 1 day ago   05:24

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Forces loyal to Libyan General Khalifa Haftar carried out an airstrike on Tripoli's only functioning airport on Monday. Haftar is trying to seize Tripoli from the UN-backed government there. Thousands have already fled the fighting. The current unrest comes against a backdrop of nationwide infighting. Libya has been mired in problems for nearly eight years now, ever since the country's long-time dictator Muammar Gaddafi was toppled from power. Hafter has backing from Russia and Egypt. Moscow has so far denied military support of Haftar and his forces, but media reports suggest that Russia is indeed supporting the Tripoli offensive.

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ശശി മേസ്തിരി
*Don't trust white*
Clyde Aimes
Memet Kulolmaz
You sold your soul to the French and killed Gaddafi. Haftar is the servant of the imperialists and your new dictator.
Mevine Ven
Thats a cured which libyan pigs fellow deserve for overthrowing kadhafi the great
Nicky Chuaybamrung
Russia no have right to supported civil war in Libya ,
Whose over get the power before the election vote ,repeatedly before and after ...
But diplomatic couldn't ignored democracy of people ,UN should negotiations ceasefire and mandatory for peace resolution.
Let talk , but if failed it will be one stay and one to go
Jamal Elfallah
Even more bengazi steped up before he came to it when he came they finished the fight vs isis
Jamal Elfallah
Na not tobruk bengazi most of his strength and troops come from it
lee hamlin
Russia has no interest in the region the analyst says while we see fighters loading Russian ammunition into Russian guns. Priceless.
Andy Johnson
With 160 different tribes, I think a dictator probably will save the most lives in the end. If not these 160 tribes will continue to fight and kill.
Jithin Primz
Russians, Russian and russians.... Like if I start counting Russians by this account then there is a very real probability of more Russian than Indians....
wut it is mate
Well the French and Saudis are also supporters of Haftar u know, knot just Russia and USA. When Saudi is involved, US quickly back down. Typical.
Winston Churchill
Democracy = hypocrisy 👌
Nikita Krishnayevich
2011 libyan people: "dictator is dead , A new hope for Libya , freedom and democracy"

Now libyan people: "chaos,terror attack is everywhere we want Qaddafi back".

Suck that freedom and democracy
Luqman -
I can see lots of strategic value to Putin in Libya. It gives access to the Sahara states where vast oil and uranium reserves are located, France has been involved in the Sahara to protect its nuclear energy sector and hopes to win oil concessions. No one from Moscow or Tehran going to express opinions other than the governments.
Why afrika only have war ?
Prino Prince
Russia would not be involved if the West had not created the problem in the first place.
Ehsan Khaibar
Libya: is Khalifa Haftar an American Citizen?!, Did CIA had very close connections with Khalifa Haftar??!!!
You forgot to mention How Khalifa Haftar was disappeared, and you forgot to mention the Support of Saudi to Khalifa Haftar...
You are pushing a Russia-phobic lie instead of being a Neutral Real Journalism organization. That's insane.
Nury Pribadi
Wars oil in the poket..
sofía rdz tmz
This general was exiled in the United States and overthrew Gaddafi colluding with the CIA! and now you say he's a Russian agent ??! hahahaha the joke of the day
Roman Gero Kopler
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Libya: Benghazi dreams of a brighter Libya: Is Russia supporting the Tripoli 1 day ago   17:52

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Benghazi is on its knees. Libya’s second-largest city is struggling to recover from four years of war between jihadist militias and the self-declared "Libyan National Army" led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. Some 40 percent of the eastern port city was destroyed in the fighting. FRANCE 24’s Eric de Lavarène and Thierry Trelluyer report from Benghazi.
When jihadists fled the Libyan city of Benghazi last year, they left behind a minefield – both literally and metaphorically. Today, shops are reopening and life is returning to normal but the fear is that it could all fall apart again.
But locals are determined to rebuild their hometown and are showing boundless energy. Engineers, doctors and music teachers are among those who have volunteered to help the army rid the city of explosives. After four years of conflict, all they want is peace. Our reporters went to meet them.
As foreign journalists, our reporting in eastern Libya was supervised by the authorities. In Libya, one thing that has not changed is that journalists are not free to move around as they wish.

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