Libya: Is Russia supporting the Tripoli 🇱🇾 Is Haftar aggressor or leader 1 day ago   05:24

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Forces loyal to Libyan General Khalifa Haftar carried out an airstrike on Tripoli's only functioning airport on Monday. Haftar is trying to seize Tripoli from the UN-backed government there. Thousands have already fled the fighting. The current unrest comes against a backdrop of nationwide infighting. Libya has been mired in problems for nearly eight years now, ever since the country's long-time dictator Muammar Gaddafi was toppled from power. Hafter has backing from Russia and Egypt. Moscow has so far denied military support of Haftar and his forces, but media reports suggest that Russia is indeed supporting the Tripoli offensive.

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Prino Prince
Russia would not be involved if the West had not created the problem in the first place.
Ehsan Khaibar
Libya: is Khalifa Haftar an American Citizen?!, Did CIA had very close connections with Khalifa Haftar??!!!
You forgot to mention How Khalifa Haftar was disappeared, and you forgot to mention the Support of Saudi to Khalifa Haftar...
You are pushing a Russia-phobic lie instead of being a Neutral Real Journalism organization. That's insane.
Nury Pribadi
Wars oil in the poket..
sofía rdz tmz
This general was exiled in the United States and overthrew Gaddafi colluding with the CIA! and now you say he's a Russian agent ??! hahahaha the joke of the day
Roman Gero Kopler
Middle East will be a pile of oily rubble before u.s.a gives up it's interest in region
Lindani Smanqalicious Mncwaah Mdluli
All these people have lies about others and misslead world citizens. Are they having heaven after this world.and also blood shed because of the economic wealths?
Jon Snow
watch the neocons
Is the West supporting an eternal failed state Lybia?
''Moscow has so far denied military support of Haftar and his forces, but media reports suggest that Russia is indeed supporting the Tripoli offensive'' jajaaja ¿MEDIA like CNN, NBC, DW News? ¿media reports suggest?
Yvon Moua Moua
Go go go wold war 3
JP Allera
another greed scene for power..
Concerned Asian
Democracy is ISIS for NATO which was successfully defeated by Russians.
George Kafantaris
It looks like it’s actually Saudi Arabia -- not Iran -- that’s destabilizing the Middle East.
Concerned Asian
Only dictatorship works in this part of the world. In other words dictatorship works better than fake democracy.
US back off!
Also, i would love russia to send a motor rifle regiment or two, few squadrons of gunship helicopters and attack aircraft, all this silliness and chaos in Libya would be over quickly, like on couple of weeks. I dont care what the racist talking heads of London and Washington say, Russia is indeed a force of balance and good in this world, unlike the cancerous criminals from UK and US that work with Saudis and islamist terrorists only to create misery and death for millions upon millions of people. See Balkans, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Bahrain, etc... nevermind Ukraine... and all kinds of "sanctions" on whoever dares to stand against their lunacy, idiocy and criminality, that in fact are acts of war (the sanctions)...
King Oswald
80 percent of people are in support of Haftar maybe 70-75. Those who oppose him are ISIS fighters (though not many of them), and Militias who destroyed Tripoli for the past 2 years. Why do western country oppose Haftar, because he will not allow them to do what they did to Iraq and Somalia.
No Wallet
I hope Russian troops are helping Haftar! They need the support! It could bring an end to the failed UN back government. This could bring Libya to its former glory!
i'm from somalia i wish better for brothers in libya
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🇱🇾 Is Haftar aggressor or leader Libya: Is Russia supporting the Tripoli 1 day ago   25:21

There are fears of a full-blown battle in Tripoli, as Khalifa Hafter's forces march toward the Libyan capital.

Libya hasn't had a stable government since Muammar Gaddafi was forced from power in 2011.
In fact, it's got two governments in different parts of the country, and right now, the powerful warlord behind one of them, seems to be making a play for complete control.
Khalifa Haftar has sent his forces west, on what he calls "a victorious march" to the capital Tripoli.
In response, the internationally-recognised government there has deployed its troops... raising fears of a major showdown.
The United Nations has called for calm. Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres has even gone to Libya himself.
So, is Libya on the brink of another round of civil war?

Presenter: Kamahl Santamaria

Salah El Bakkoush, political analyst, and Senior Advisor to the Negotiating Team of the High Council of States
Anas El Gomati, Director of the Tripoli-based Sadeq Institute.
Mansour El Kikhia, Professor of Politics from the University of Texas in San Antonio.

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