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Megen Doherty
I'm totally addicted to Salty! Makes my Day! The " Cat Flap" in this read was Epic! I must tell my Constitution Supervisor Husband this! He "dose doors " a lot! 😂 best laugh!
The cat flap one was funny, but unless it's a custom job it's made up. Almost all interior doors are pre hung. Even if it's not it should be obvious. The door is either right or left hung. The door would open toward the closest wall. This means if the closest wall is to right, then the door is a right hand door. Same way for the left, and it would be a left hand door. Also, the foreman would know he could tell which way to hang it by checking the plans, or looking himself.
the one with Mr. Wealthy would end super quick where I live since the law here states that if someone keeps calling you after being told *not* to call you they are guilty of domestic peace harassment & could go to prison for up to two years, the requirements state the harassment needs to be "regular", the thing is in my language "regular" can mean either "frequent" or "at constant intervals", such as say, "every week on Monday", or even "every three months." I had a telemarketer calling me every Monday pushing a magazine on me until I pointed out the pattern of "every Monday" meets the legal definition of domestic peace harassment, that was the last time I heard from that company.
Cathy Chaos404
If the same company keeps calling you for FOUR YEARS then why didn't you just block their number?
Essy Chilcutte
If I'd seen him as a celebrity that kept happening to me I would set the appointment and I would show up at the same time in order to sort it out but also get the benefit of meeting the celebrity like I am so sorry dude but these guys won't stop calling me thinking of you nice to meet you sorry for the interruption
I wonder if that first guy also had thugs piss on his rug and had to get a new one.
Itz Nexious
The last one was funny af
Mike Bauman
Just for your information, Gods last name isn't damnit.
The vid keeps stopping in the middle of what you are saying and I get adverts in French? Is this a fault at my end?
pythia cael
The first agent has an excuse of calling the wrong person so he should have notated the address of the wealthy person that the phone # is for another person with the same name and remove the phone number from the system for outbound sales calls. the 2nd up to the supervisor call is the company's fault. the 1st sales agent didn't really remove the phone # from the system and if he can't he should have notated it associated to the wealthy address to avoid calling the wrong person. for them to repeatedly calling the wrong person is incompetent of them. it is very easy to notate to avoid calling him and the supervisor is so stupid because he is NOT LISTENING. good for the #prorevenge - happens to me with a service provider selling postpaid acct holders to telemarketers. i kid you not for how any uninteresting sellers I keep receiving as well as scammers. cancelled that account at the end of contract when provider didn't do something about it so other than blocking unknown numbers, ending the contract with them was sweet. getting prepaid mobile was cheaper and i can control my usage.
Ban K
first one.... just block the number what????????????
Xander Kane
Expensive shop
VanGilder Michael
You would let those wrong number call things go on for a whole year?
I bite back on number TWO. ONCE, it could be a harmless mistake. TWICE, I will comply and you most likely will be regretful. I'm not going to break the rules of a regular civilized communication. Like the name of the genera, Malicious Compliance. It is, EXACTLY, what you said. But you don't bite for, a whole year? TWO calls is enough. Exactly, TWO.
Thomas Joseph
Salty, you are an ASSHOLE..... Stop reading all of these food stories LOL.
I have gained like 6 lbs just watching your last few videos lol. I have to run out and get some Pizza or Pancakes or Wings or Burgers or now...... Rolls Bahahahahahahahaha.
Anon archist
phone books? the hell is a phone book, I'm using cement.
The Foreman: I LOVE bosses that do that shit! Every time they do, I pull out a bag of ready-popped popcorn, and...
After a bit, look at them and say something like, "Scream at me for as long as you like. I get paid by the hour."
eman hamed
how will you open the door *cat flap* from the inside? i hope you put on some handles 😂
IllisMoreo 87
The first story is just like businesses that won't want to register the fact that their clients have passed away & the relatives wanted to cancel or sign off the business contracts, then keep sending bills or whatever & asked to be connected to the poor deceased people to verify the cancellations themselves, or they won't authorise anything.

It's all about money. Fuck souls, but money. Money is the god.
Pogo M
Thank you for taking the onus of risking demonetization, in order to directly relay the posts (I'm referring to the inclusion of swear words). And your down to earth commentary (once again, swear words) is a pleasant surprise.
Do you play ark?
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r/MaliciousCompliance | Episode 20 - STORYTIME COMPILATION r/MaliciousCompliance | Ep2 | Crazy Foreman 2 days ago   14:06

when you go to pay your phone bill but end up deported.


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