The Friend I Betrayed ( animated story My High School Love Affair 2 days ago   10:01

Young Don The Sauce God
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The Friend I Betrayed - Animated story by Young Don the Sauce God

Part 2 to the Dating My Friend's Ex Girlfriend animation


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Written, story boarded, edited and animated by:

Don Hinds

Illustrated By:

Don Hinds

Coloring Assistant:

Noah Horton

The Reaction Channel:

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Young Don The Sauce God
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Abi Raif Abdiji
Who this niga at the start
master green
I feel what u saying my G
Luis Killermessi
Yeah I feel you
Adrian Olivares
epic Tejas
i can feel what your saying 3:15 i think
Yo Vernon Carey goes to my school my G but I’m in the middle school
Adełine’s VILL
I feel what your saying!🤣
_Kalepo _
I feel what you sayin but my parents were full hawaiian and samoan.
carlos Martinez
Yes my g
Boss Monroe
From Trinidad and this is sooooo true. I relate
Or was it implied or was I not paying attention and I’m the asshole
Wait who u chose
Omar 3000
Why are their dislikes bro??
Dvondre Henderson
I feel you MY G
ethan shakes
I feel what you saying
Lana H.
I felt that at 3:11
Jaidyn st-cyr
My parents and me from Haiti 🇭🇹 so you already know it would be a clip if I said that
Fish _Tank
I feel u my G I got Cuban parents 🇨🇺
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My High School Love Affair The Friend I Betrayed ( animated story 2 days ago   09:48

This is one of my top 5 most scandalous stories. In this animated story time I talk about the time I was involved in a high school affair. At first it was amazing, passionate and exciting, but as emotions started to get involved, everything started to go sideways.

By far one of my favorite animated stories!

Special thank to @MyNameisYandi for the love song during the kiss scene:

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outro instrumental - Prod by Chuki Beats

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