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Backup can be considered as the number one rule in computing. CloudShip is a great online backup service which assists you to back up all your important files on digital devices with less hassle. Computer backup is a great peace of mind.

CloudShip supports a wide range of devices including computers, laptops and smartphones. It will backup your life. It uses 256bit SSL encryption to encrypt data during all stage of file transfer. This encryption level is twice the level that banks use, ensuring your data is as safe as possible.

It lets people transmit large files via the Internet instead of clogging up their email. You will be ready to go, ready to share. It Stores all your files in a safe place.

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Frank Roberts
Is there a url link to go with this and when is the ship sailing?
Ryan Elmer
Love....the CloudShip Girls. Can you send me their phone numbers?
Chinh Vu Quoc
easy and fun on the CloudShip. I can have people join an entire folder and they can see anything i upload, and i can see anything they upload. It’s so easy and fun.
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How to Back Up Your Files/Computer in Windows Computer Backup 4 months ago   03:45

We will learn how to set up Windows Backup for the first time as well as how to set it to a schedule so that it backs up regularly. You can back up your files to an external hard drive, USB flash drive, to CDs or DVDs, or even use an online service. Visit our website,, to view more tutorials as well as find additional resources.

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