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I Trap Spy Ninjas For Project Zorgo - Impossible Riddles That Will - Ufl Video Sharing.

I TRAP SPY NINJAS for PROJECT ZORGO IMPOSSIBLE Riddles That Will 1 day ago   14:43

Vy Qwaint
Chad, Daniel & Regina are TRAPPED!

After Chad Wild Clay created SPY NINJA DAX DEFEATED in HACKER BATTLE ROYALE (Hide & Seek Challenge with PZ9 for Vy Qwaint Phone), Daniel uploaded NEW SPY NINJA IS... We Compete in Fun Challenges to Find Next Friend to Replace Hacker Vy Qwaint to the Exposing Project Zorgo YouTube channel, I uploaded I BETRAY The SPY NINJAS and SNEAK INTO The SAFE HOUSE! Project Zorgo Challenge In Real Life Vlog to the Vy Qwaint channel. Vy has become a Project Zorgo member hacker after she donated $10,000, which gave her access to a mystery box. She later found that box contained a locked safe, that will give her access to the highest level of Project Zorgo! The hackers gave me three challenges, and after completing all three, said they would give her the passcode to open the safe. At the Project Zorgo headquarters, I had to spend more than 24 hours trapped in an elevator, then had to make a difficult decision that could make my friends become enemies. The Spy Ninjas were captured by Project Zorgo, and were trapped inside the hacker headquarters! Project Zorgo planned to take control of Chad's mind, erase Regina's memory and trick Daniel to reveal Spy Ninja secrets. It's time to reveal my true colors and do what's best. Thank you for watching my entertainment comedy videos in 2019!

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IMPOSSIBLE Riddles That Will I TRAP SPY NINJAS for PROJECT ZORGO 1 day ago   03:56

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