UFC 234: Anderson Silva Breaks AFC 20 - Israel Adesanya Vs Melvin Guillard 2 days ago   03:57

At the UFC 234 weigh-ins, Israel Adesanya and Anderson Silva faced off for the final time ahead of their co-main event fight this weekend in Melbourne. Silva got very emotional following the staredown, breaking down into tears.

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France Tiu
When Conor's name is brought up anywhere. Makes you ask yourself, just how good he really is.

People smh.

You can hate the man all you want but be honest to yourself, he's one of the GOATs in the Ufc. And he's made the sports even more popular.
Dc Liverachee
Major Respect to both of these guys.
daniel moore
if "style bender" has as hard a time against his next opponent as he did in his first defense, I see a loss in his future...
daniel moore
first off, that fight with Bisbing, or Bisping, however you spell it...took his heart outta him..he was robbed of his belt in that fight...
that said..his reflexes are definitely slower..so he should retire...
that being said..ha, ha..😄 he's still better than 3/4 of the fighters out there...
the ease in which he dispatched TOUGH foes, in two divisions..will never be equalled by anyone...except John Jones...
Roberto Dela guia
This is actually good, i loved it
Roberto Orleans
A voz dele lembra michael jackson dava pra ele imitar
J Wilson
bittersweet aint it
Teina Iorangi
Shout out to Auckland ! Maaahhhh man! RESPECT
lesley leslie
3:30 goat noises lol u ain't the Goat there is only Silva and Mike Tyson
Rain Buenaflor
What do you mean "One of The Greatest" ? He is the Greatest Man!
lucas pessanha
Não entendi porra nenhuma que ele falou , mais me emocionei tbm
Joselopes Lopes
Nego metido se ele pegasse o Spaider no auge nao tenho duvida era nocaute pego agora aos 45 anos dois ano parado e fica ai fazendo graça
these guys are class acts real men, these guys are undoing the black stereotype that a small group of the black population is perpetuating
He has a gay michael jackson voice. I thought he has an intimidating voice.
Kayke Ferreira 26
Pra min você sempre será Lendário Anderson,o maior de todos me inspirou a entrar pro muay, você é uma lenda 🔥🔥🔥🔥💙
guine rodrigo
Israel mito, silva querendo roubar a cena.
Leonidas Zacarias Rodrigues Zacarias Rodrigues
Anderson Silva é uma piada
Adriano Queiroz
Ganha a luta aquele que paga mais igual no futebol que vergonha até no atletismo tem gambiarra
Noname 1st
Gotta love Israel for being a sport and respect silva as a fighter 👍
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AFC 20 - Israel Adesanya Vs Melvin Guillard UFC 234: Anderson Silva Breaks 2 days ago   16:10

AFC 20 - Israel Adesanya Vs Melvin Guillard for the AFC Middle Weight Title.
Australian Fighting Championship is Australia's premier Mixed Martial Arts promotion. The AFC has been formed to unite the Australian Mixed Martial Arts industry and bring mainstream awareness to the sport. By showcasing the best Australian talent alongside international wildcards, the AFC delivers the highest quality Mixed Martial Arts events in the country.

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