Chris D’Elia Becomes Keanu Hannibal Buress Talks About 1 day ago   05:40

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Chris D’Elia describes how he acts like Keanu Reeves during arguments with his girlfriend and wishes he had the power to make women fart.

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Did he just stole Dane Cook iconic Vicious Circle bit? Really poorly stolen, very disappointed in this bit.
I'm ready for him 2 smell my farts
Gwyneth Kamiya
I just want you to know that I'm into all that drama. Lol
I hate this guy. He's so hilarious
I love that he sounds like chris pratt..or either way
Eggert Nielson
God I fucking love this man
Elijah Lopez
This guy looks like Ted Bundy with long hair
Jeffrey Stancell
Flanagan's at the habanican?😂😂
Dating does *suck balls*
Paulie Shore was farting ?? CHRIS !!!!! come perform in Bridgeport , CT . !!!!!
Rebekah kissel
This dude never left the 90's. He looks like every guy I dated back then. I love it
cibernena 0105
Emily Faith
He means Ted "Theodore" Logan?
Danielle D
Impeccable body roll skills- bet Chris was a stripper on the side during his come up
Katie Bruce
I bet his ex wishes she hadn’t of...

waited so long to break up with him😎
Ayesha H
Hes met some very weird and troubled women in the past. What you are is what you attract. This wasnt even funny. Im a fan though x
Mayra Deleon
"I don't subscribe to all that dramaaaaaaaa!" Same for men. Believe you me... 😪
Mythic Cosmetics
Neo- dun dun dun dunn dunn sporin
*he is funny as shit*
Christian Stordahl
I like him better on podcasts
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Hannibal Buress Talks About Chris D’Elia Becomes Keanu 1 day ago   05:04

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