Ukraine in 'great war' with Selfie Soldiers: Russia Checks 10 months ago   02:08

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A senior Russian security official has accused NATO of ratcheting up tensions over Ukraine, by boosting its military presence along Europe's eastern borders. Mikhail Popov said Russia would have to adapt its defence strategy accordingly. On the ground things are getting more intense. The Ukrainian military said 15 of its personnel had been killed the past 24 hours. Its forces retreated from Luhansk airport - they say Russian units were involved in the fighting. Moscow denies sending soldiers into Ukraine. Our World Affairs Correspondent Nick Childs has this report.

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Jose Silva
pound 🎂 for russia.
Arsim Murtezi
Ukraine I am with you, lets kill thoose stupied Serbs and Rusians!
Grey Squirrel
Scott Lindrum
Russia has already taken Crimea from Ukraine, doesn't that deserve some retaliation?
Ukrainian All Italian volunteers regiment.
God bless Ukraine . I will die fighting for Ukraine. Heil Ukraine.
Buck Fisher
They don't want your answers or excuses, get the Hell out of Ukraine. Don't be surprised if a few stealth bombers happen to fly over your convoys, and oops, dropped something. As for who would be responsible, who knows, they were stealthy.
vivian zerebeski
loved this spoof on the Onion: @t "MOSCOW—Condemning the actions of the Ukranians over the past millennium as “completely unacceptable by the standards of free and civilized people,” Russian president Vladimir Putin condemned on Monday the unprovoked 1,000-year Ukrainian occupation of South Russia. “We will no longer stand for this inexcusable and unjustifiable display of naked hostility by the Ukrainians, who have baselessly claimed legitimate residence in the region since settling the area in the 10th century,” said Putin, adding that the Ukrainian people’s hawkish and belligerent decision to continue living in villages and cultivating the land would not go unpunished. “Russia cannot be expected to sit back and do nothing while our Black Sea ports are overrun by Ukrainians, as they have been for the better part of recorded history. Does history not demonstrate that millions of South Russian civilians have perished in the occupied region since Oleg of Novgorod first captured Kiev in 882? The Ukrainians must pay dearly for their deceitful and prolonged attack.” Putin went on to demand that all Poles, Finns, and Lithuanians immediately withdraw from their regions of occupied Russia as well."
The Bullshit Boadcasting Corporation
elijah angels
A great war has arrived??? You mean death?!!
BS not Great War it Russia want it they can end that war in two hours!!!!
East & West
"A war the likes of which Europe has not seen since WWII". Well, with hindsight, four years later maybe that was just a little bit of an exaggeration?
Rasha Stop No War and occupation Ukraine. Glory Ukraine.
China supports Russia and Iran. lol. They said trump worked for Putin. Didnt really turn out like that
They will probably invade if they joined nato. They seemed pretty serious about it lol
Chase Whiteman
Ahaha all the Krembots and brainwashed commies supporting Russia is pretty funny although very sad to see minds so easily manipulated because they feel hatred to their fellow countrymen and country because they’re all failures and/or teenagers.

Lmao russia is losing and will lose, gg ez game no re
Constantinus Augustus
like in 1917 the evil magog uses the evil sick fucks, or, lower orders of society if you wish to "break up" the boundaries of civilization and seed its evil. Carpet-bomb the pussia daily!
this title is a BIG FAT lie!
Don Sonny
BBC should be ashamed for its barefaced lies , but then again they have been lying for years now . Ukraine is not at war with Russia but the Kiev army which is controlled by Washington is directly at war with the population of the eastern part of the country after they refused to recognize the coup installed govt organized by foreign governments , now Kiev got orders from CIA chief who visited Kiev just days before they started bombing residential areas . Facts are all out in the open for those who care for truth
manny mo
It's sample to know the Russians are not lying, because a normal person, can makes sense to things on the ground in reality Russia is a powerful country that can invade and occupy Ukraine in less then one day . That a fact .so that means, anyone that say Russians are doing this or that,  is bullshit .  
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Selfie Soldiers: Russia Checks Ukraine in 'great war' with 10 months ago   23:14

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, so too does Russian President Vladimir Putin’s denial of any Russian involvement. But a recent report from think tank the Atlantic Council used open source information and social media to find evidence of Russian troops across the border.

Using the Atlantic Council’s methodology, VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky follows the digital and literal footprints of one Russian soldier, tracking him from eastern Ukraine to Siberia, to prove that Russian soldiers are fighting in Ukraine.

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