This laptop is RIDICULOUSLY fast! AMD Ryzen Overclocking Guide: How far will 1 day ago   16:14

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Whats the price of this thing?
Dont wanna be a dick and maybe I am wrong, but isnt it quite bad that the laptop seemingly "only" achieves about 60-70 frames (average) in Metro and BF 5 with rtx (without a little closer to 100), when the display is capable to run 144hz? I mean sure this notebok looks nice and the customization is also pretty cool, but shouldnt the fps be higher at that price point, ~3k $ on their website, (at least above 100 fps to like 120 fps on average) so that the high hz number isnt "wasted" (because not used fully)? Or is that just true for GSync and FreeSnyc monitors/Panels and doesnt apply to this notebook?
Hey Jay, great video as always, just a thought moving forward, could you possibly include prices for these types of videos? Appreciate what you do!
Can you make an updated comparison after the improvements to dlss with it turned on and off
Стас Старков
rtx 2080 = playable full hd? ok
As a European, thanks for the math Jay :D
Alex Simmons
What happens to the cpu temps if you undervolt with xtu?
William Mikan III
im curious how good that laptop could do with a fan based cooler for under the laptop where it props it up and shoves air into it thru fans blowing up twords the bottom of the laptop
see Jay has motion blurr on high on BF5... who plays with motion blurr on? lol or am i the odd one out?
Where can i buy it? I want to buy it.
Lex Gso
@CTY Mistti- Hook up a different monitor and see if anything changes. If not its your video card.
did you undervolt your CPU? Because then there would be even smaller difference in video rendering. And i7 8750h should be compared to i7 8700 as they are both locked chips that are the cheapest in their segment
james w
Did you look into if the ram if it's a single stick or dual channel config?
CTY Mistti-
Can someone help me? Every time I turn on my pc I get random colours and artifacts on my monitors, Its not a overclocking issue, I’ve tried reinstalling drivers, reinstalled windows, etc if anyone knows what I could do please reply to this comment, thanks.
haloriky 117
Right now I have a "laptop" with a 1070sli 4k 60hz.... What I want is one with a 2080sli and 4k 90hz
Dylan Beatty
Jay, you said you watch monster garage. How about making the Box Fan Radiator, you replace the box fan with 16 Lamptron - PFB1212UHE-F00 120 mm fans. Each fan spins at 5500 RPM and has an airflow rating of 253 CFM
FYI that Laptop is made by Sager/Clevo
Kent Lin
To get the specs he received the laptop costs about 3k. Which is honestly isn't as cost efficient at that point. Its nice to have but realistically you might as well get a desktop (built or prebuilt) with similar or slightly lesser specs and the peripherals for either slightly less or equal cost. imo
haris javed
Hi Jay. I am sure your cpu is throttling. Every laptop with that i7 8750H thermal throttles or power throttles.
Nogame 1503
Can you pls make a video of how to over clock intel and Ryzen cpus and Ram
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AMD Ryzen Overclocking Guide: How far will This laptop is RIDICULOUSLY fast! 1 day ago   18:41

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