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The Salty Sea fairy tale
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Latasha Hall
no envy can make you happy.
Latasha Hall
Woah a dwarves and how lovely this story is about.
Yg & Sm suck
the truth the more richer the more greedier we human becomes.
Lip Guan Teh
I'm 8yearsold!!!!!!!!!!!👤👤👤👩👩👩👩😻😻😻😻😻😻I love your videos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vasundhara Reddy
Very nice story tq so much
Was the older brother Saddam Hussein
Anu Vin
Super story i am also 27 Iam trying to learn English
Finley pops
This is stupid and no one thinks this is funny
PUBG rajputana
It is so good to improve english

All the comments: wHo iS oLDeR tHaN 8 aND wAtCHinG tHIs
Nazish Furqan
Now we know how the ocean/sea is salty :)
xXcutie _oreoXx
Poor big brother
xXcutie _oreoXx
Wow I wish I had that grinder
Lan Anh Trần
Fun With me
Your stories are good
LykAlyssa Shipper ÙwÚ
This is what you tell to your science teacher when they ask
"Why is the sea salty"
I can tell you a story about it 😀
No lie the best
Sven The Dog
Oh, gosh! The kids died?!?!?!?
swapnil pagare
This is the very nice moral stories👌😃😀👌👌👌
Keerthi S E
ಶರಣು ಶರಣಪ್ಪ
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Flying Trunk in English | Story The Salty Sea | Stories for Kids | My Pingu 2 days ago   14:15

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