Russell Westbrook traded to Houston Grading the Russell Westbrook & James 1 day ago   17:15

CBS Sports
In a stunning blockbuster deal the Oklahoma City Thunder have reportedly traded Russell Westbrook to the Houston Rockets in exchange for Chris Paul.

The Miami Heat had also been in contention for Westbrook's services, but both the Heat and Thunder reached a stalemate in recent days due to Miami's reluctance to include their younger players in a trade package.

The trade reunites Westbrook with James Harden, with whom he played during their early years with the Thunder from 2009 until 2012 until Harden was traded to the Rockets prior to the start of the 2012-13 season.

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Homie said russ has hit the downside of his career lmao
Jahfi Ls Babie
Way better than espn no yelling but we can beg to differentiate
Melanie Ostrovsky
This is a great move for the Rockets !!!
I love CP3 but he definitely lost a step , Westbrook is younger and and is impossible to guard one on one ,
IMO this puts Rockets but in to contention , can’t wait for the season to start ,,,,,
Go Rockets 🚀
Nou Xiong
Thunder makes the right decision to trade CP and need to bring KD back.
Cinco Cinco
crazy paying that kind of money
juan perez
all of a sudden everybody perdicts russels life last year the devil perdicts too
Infinit 0
So OKC are the new Clippers then😆😆😆😆!!!!
Krypto Dogg
They will trade Paul to the Lakers
Tre Ace
CP3 and J-Buckets will match up well a few early fights and then back to work. Russ & Harden will work the same way but opposite. Both willing to hear each other out
Southern Instrumentals
Can Westbrook defer? Bad question. Anyone asking that didn't see what he did for PG last season.
Eric S
War eagle
Siah Johnson
Next up steven adams choose your destiny.
Johnathan Meeks
Sam Presti got lucky because everyone is trying to win now so teams arw willing to give up future picks. He had 3 MVPs and no championships in OKC. He went and hired a coach out of college in KDs last contract year. How much blame does it get too.
claudio rabsten
wtf is miami heat doing after 2013 man smh either advance and renovate to get to the playoffs or finals to win titles or the franchise is sinking literally
anthony guerino
These guys no nothing about basketball
Dolo DelSur
I never want to hear this fellow Colin report on Russell Westbrook ever again
I think Houston can turn into the fun and gun Phoenix suns of 2007 but I don’t think their defense will take them to the promised land , that distinction belongs to the clips.
Metta HD
Damn is it okay for the past 2 league MVP’s to “join forces”? Buahahaha 🙄
Rockets finishing 5th in the West.
E Boogie
They need to get rid of Mike D’Antoni. They ain’t gonna win shit with Harden constantly playing iso ball
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Grading the Russell Westbrook & James Russell Westbrook traded to Houston 1 day ago   11:17

Grading the Russell Westbrook & James Harden Houston Rockets Duo. Russell Westbrook was traded to the Houston Rockets for Chris Paul who's now moving to the OKC Thunder. Let's talk the the Good & Bad things of a Russell Westbrook James Harden Houston Rockets Duo. Russell Westbrook Chris Paul Trade Reaction..

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