Don't Get Rolled | Goodbye, Congress: How Nancy Pelosi Became the Most 1 day ago   02:07

Alexandra Pelosi, the daughter of incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, sits down with 15 retiring or resigning members of Congress to find out what it’s like to serve and why they're leaving.

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Michael B
Firstly, I'd like to say that Vice has really let me down the past couple of years. Used to be great. Secondly, you clearly have camera operators in the room. Why is the interviewer holding an old camcorder?
Im not a democrat but i would of liked to see someone else than Pelosi as the leader of the house, get some new blood in there!
james rearden
Aaah nothing like being rich, white & can literally get away with murder as long you’re rich & white😐😐😐
Ky Nguyen
Is that Nancy Pelosi daughter?
"Free and independent news"
Robert Bennett
Paul Ryan, any comments on spendaholic Trump blowing up the deficit? Also, why did those tax-cuts not end up more than paying for themselves?
Good to know you can still buy a vote
Boy Blue
I like Vice, but I don't want to see Pelosi's shill daughter on here. Those weren't politicians she was interviewing, they were corporate lobbyist.
Delete Not Yet
The coolest video to ever come out of politics
Jack & Jill
Hipster freak
"Whut you doing, shithead." - Schoolyard bully Beohner.
Just what the hell is this?
brin Joness
You got rolled sounds like a euphemism for i got no spine.
harmit Singh
Fake news
Why is she holding a camera?
Sir Amic Varze
This was weirdly interesting.
Booze Lover
I want to see all the raw footage of this!
Adam Jama
Paul Ryan is the worse congressional leader in American history he just lost 40 seat's in the house biggest lose by Republican's in over 60 years
Zayn Kloski
This is an embarrassment
Ian J
They were put into position by their donors. Not very democratic
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How Nancy Pelosi Became the Most Don't Get Rolled | Goodbye, Congress: 1 day ago   03:24

For more than 15 years, Representative Nancy Pelosi has been a powerhouse fund-raiser for her party and a lightning rod for the right. Here’s how she’s done it.

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