Google Photos 2018: The one-stop Google Photos -Should You Be Worried 9 months ago   14:47

Google Photos 2018-- the easy way to keep your photos safe, organized and easy to find. Learn how you can use Google Photos to manage your pics and keep your precious memories safe.

In this video:

1:38 Google Photo Overview
4:58 Google Photos Demo

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Comments 599 Comments

Bhavya Jain
Facing problem regarding Google photos library auto creating link and sharing feature. Can you please help regarding this?
Trying to cut to the chase.... I've laboriously altered each of my file extensions to read as the title for each photo. Why are they not showing up anywhere? I've looked and looked and cannot, even in editor find where to activate to show extensions. Can you help a fella out? Thanks
Hi , I’m trying to understand this . I have an iPhone that’s out of storage .. I have like 2000 pics and videos . I downloaded the google photo app and all the pics and videos transferred over . There’s a message saying to free up space I can delete 1900 items that are backed up. So my questions are if u click this free up space will those photos and videos disappear off my phone app and will I have to log in to my google account every time I want to see a photo? Also , once I switch them to google photos do I go back into my camera roll and delete all 2000 photos 1 by 1? Any help is appreciated!
Lynne Riday-Reiter
I just love to watch top-notch videos made by my fellow baby boomers. You are a class act. A high-five and a hug to you!
Anton Shumeika
I back up to a russian google clone "yandex" ( which gives you free unlimited space for photos and videos if they are uploaded from phone. (of course I copy all my pics and vids taken by Nikon and GoPro to my phone's sd card and that fools yandex to think they were taken by phone too). I'm not sure yandex has resolution limitations (at least they don't advertise it clearly). The caveat is that your photos are probably accessible by KGB, FSB and other russian secret services on first request. that doesn't bother me too much (yet) but could be a dealbreaker for some people. Their structure and search functionality is nowhere near google yet ,but they are trying hard.
Priscilla Yen
Can you just show us instead of talking, I don’t need your speech
Mike O
This is all well and good but try to delete a picture you no longer want and see what Google has to say about it. I don't know how many times I've done this and then later, "bam, here it is again dude, you really don't want to get rid of this so we are shoving it up your ass weather you want it or not". You have to end up turning off a lot of shit to finally get Google to back off including the backup feature of the phone itself. You want to save stuff, fine. Trying to get rid of shit can be a different story, especially when it's one of those, "oh crap this is embarrassing, thought I got rid of that one" as he's looking around nervously wondering who else has it.
Dennis Humbla
Google photos are designed to backup DCIM folder. Sadly that's where the screenshot folder is, and also other image folders like Facebook. I don't know how to stop that.. ?
Dennis Humbla
How do I make it so It doesn't backup screenshots and orher downloads from facebook och internet.. Just backup my camera photos?
The Pondering Minimalist
Apart from your super tutorial, disconnecting from its brain was the 2nd best on this video !
ruth tefera
Hi there! I was wondering how do I keep my shared photos safe? Is there anyway I can prevent photos I've shared from being copied?
Sainulabid A photos app is not working on my iPad. When open it, shows “unable to access photos “ and asks to enable under privacy settings. But under privacy > photos, google photos app is not listed to enable access. I have gmail app installed and it’s listed under privacy > photos. Why not google photos app?
Can you help me
Ibrahim Alromaihi
Thanks tons for this valuable tutorial. I was about to give up on my digital life, but I can tell you that with this app I have the upper hand now . Keep it up bro!
Arunava Biswas
Sir why in my Google photo app it's showing trash instead of bin?? Can u please help me?
David Nelms
Good information. Thank you for posting. How do you add the name of the person's photo. Can't seem to figure that out.
Jay Sings
What about privacy ?
Kathlene Miller
So this video does not tell me how to move my photos in Samsung cloud over to google cloud so all my photos will sync from my iPad to all photos showing al both devices.
Charles Abrams
Nice tutorial on finding photos, but how do I save it to My desktop as a hi res Photo or video?
Joe H. Braswell
Steve _well explained! Yet, this is m ocncern. Just lost my IPhone and moved to Samsung J7 to transfer images and videos. They did! However, neither video or photos move from smart phone which I placed 7000 photos in an album to transfet to an external hard drive. NO GOOD! NOTHING GOES ANYWHERE! WHY? Need I reload android transfer files or Samsung smart servivce?/? This is the third day of chaos???
I have Picasa on my desktop and do so much with it. As you know, it's caput now. Wanting to find a good alternative to it. I liked the editing capability of Picasa. How does Google Photos compare?
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Google Photos -Should You Be Worried Google Photos 2018: The one-stop 9 months ago   05:33

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