Google Photos 2018: The one-stop Google Photos -Should You Be Worried 5 months ago   14:47

Google Photos 2018-- the easy way to keep your photos safe, organized and easy to find. Learn how you can use Google Photos to manage your pics and keep your precious memories safe.

In this video:

1:38 Google Photo Overview
4:58 Google Photos Demo

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Comments 599 Comments

All Anthems Mobile Disco & Karaoke DJ Cornwall
What about grouping photos into folders???
Rob M
This video is a year old, but Face recognition is not applicable to the UK, unless you are willing to load a VPN and fake being in America,

The other parts on contents search is good, it managed to pick up most of my boxing or motorbike videos. I didn't know I could do that.

But I must say that overal I would like a nice easy way to group some of my things myself. I wrote my own to do this on my laptop with a simple use of 'categories'.
The biggest thing missing from Google photos vs Samsung gallery, is an easy way to organize your photos. With Samsung you can easily move photos into albums by simply swiping and drag/drop. While Google does allow you to move them into your own albums, it's more cumbersome....more problematic, you can't use Google albums with many of your favorite editors, such as InShot and others. This is a big issue for me as I organize my pics into working folders, and eventually move them to a 'ready to publish album'. So it becomes pointless to organize in goggle photos...since I cant use Google albums with the popular editors. Let me know if I've got this wrong
damn. we sign over every last bit of our privacy for convenience. yea it makes our lives easier, but its scary.
Judith St. Onge
Also must be able to size photos according to ebay. sizing very important.j
Judith St. Onge
Want photos organized for reselling..
Can Google do that? When sold images will be deleted.
cmtb52 Tumath
dont use my PC hardly ever, except to download my photos from my google pixel phone. Please show how to do that from my Android phone to my PC. When I try only grabs some of my photos, and not all of them.
Mystic World
I back them up on FB private album.
TVR Universe
Fab video 😎😎
Paulina Suess Wahala
I cannot access my google pictures account with email I set it up with because I'm locked out. I have new location, new device (the other device was donated and is gone), new phone carrier, and phone number. And I cannot remember my password.
All of my recovery information has changed (my husbands info and has who I shared with, has locked out of his account as well)
The iPad I was using as a 2nd verification tool has been stolen. I've contacted apple. But when. I write to Google. All I get back is a robo email and I need to talk to a person.
Facebook helped me get into my account so I have those pictures. But there are probably 1000+ pictures out there with my family as we've grown, saved to google pictures and drive.
I've lost everything. I need these pictures..
Google I can verify my identity. I'm pretty sure through facial recognition and my ID we can do this. Or someone out there maybe. Thanks. P
Shelby Coon
I need some help. I have a new pixel 3xl and my photos are loading into Google Photos, but how do I reference them in my Chrome book when trying to upload via another app?
Steve as far as the videos are concerned, they are only free to store if the are at 1080 or 1080 and less??
Andres Iglesias
man I just need to know how to transfer my pics to my cloud, I dont wanna see your whole life, its a fun video but 15mins? come on, I think you can go right to the point in 2 min
Jackie Rutkowski
not what I was looking for -- a little to wordy for my taste - I like to see the actions
The Matrix
Can you print photos from your pc though??
Cedrick S. K.
10:45 min into video and learned nothing I didnt know . this type videos have to be more focused and better prepared imho
Burt Polson
dottotech, I am curious of your other procedures in working with your photo library as you mention Google Photos being a large part, but implied not the only part. Thanks
is there any way of not backing up photo but still able to organize all photos. I love the idea of organize all my photo by person face or date. but i do not want to upload my photos to the cloud. Thanks
Taikyung Kim
I am using 2TB WD HD for original back-up.
Janice Flaherty
It didn't answer my question how to backup my cloud photos.
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Google Photos -Should You Be Worried Google Photos 2018: The one-stop 5 months ago   05:33

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Join Jayce as he talks about the real risks behind Google Photos!

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