Police wanted to IMPOUND..so he shipped We Did NOT Expect It to go THAT Fast! 1 day ago   10:53

Blake Wilkey and his radical 1967 Volkswagen Beetle-buggy are LEGENDS on the internet, after SHREDDING the streets of San Diego - creating a badass viral film that got the attention of the Mayor... ironically the car had already made its way over to Qatar by that time! Check out some of Blakes story and get the run-down on what this supercharged LSX VW buggy is up to now!

Check out the OG “Urban Assault” video HERE: https://ufl.ae/videow/70EIZBpYIB0&j=56i

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California doesn’t deserve to be part of the US, such an embarrassment... Remove yourself Cali 👋
Markjr Amsberg
Baddest VW buggy on the tube an its got credit on the street a lethal weapon at that f*** yeah
Sick rig! Looks like a heap of fun. Do people try to race these things ( front seems light ) or are they just a expensive toy to play with in the dunes?
Nitro Gear
Go Blake!
rad dude...
Wow... Beautiful Machines. I likey 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤣🤣
Taylor Daniel Sciff
That's fucking raw. He showed no excitement he was a vast scared. I would have a full rush and screamed my ass off for joy
Taylor Daniel Sciff
They are just mad cause you can get away and they can't stop or catch you . Fucl COPS and goverment . Any pig reading or fed agent. Sucl my fat dick pussys
Taylor Daniel Sciff
Duck pigs and the government
DieselAuthority Millertime
Fucking sick
need to work on your pronunciation of Qatar.
Jonathan Garcia
My man is a legend driving around town. Dangerous, but a legend thank his nobody got hurt
What sunglasses are those on the owner of the buggy?
The Groovy .. good stuff bro
Dude bring that thing to Michigan .
How does one avoid oil starvation when doing these wheelies
hilham 89
Holy hell I want one.
Is this a car video or Fox News lovers circle jerk? What a fucking joke. This fucking douche drives like that on public roads and you haters defend him for it. Then out of the other side of your ignorant fucking face you complain that California is a lawless shithole. Get your lies straight.
That stupid shit wouldn't be illegal in any fucking city or town in America and you fucking know it.
You shit heels would side with a mugger over your own mama if he wore a maga hat.
Desi Nash
That shit’s bad!!!!!!
jazhiel peraza
Culiacán Sinaloa
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We Did NOT Expect It to go THAT Fast! Police wanted to IMPOUND..so he shipped 1 day ago   23:02

Check out the concluding installment of the RACE1000 1/2 Mile and stay tuned as we resume the 1320Video Germany series, finally moving along to the Nürburgring!
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