We Stayed In A Japanese Capsule Hotel $25 Vietnam Capsule Hotel 2 days ago   20:14

Tyler Williams
Hello! We are back (for at least this one video)! Here is our experience at a capsule hotel in Tokyo, Japan last May! We slept in small pods and ate giant gyoza, it was a ~good time~.

A big thank you to the Bay Hotel in Ginza and to Amanda for helping us produce the video!

You can check out the Bay Hotel here: https://www.bay-hotel.jp/ginza/eng/

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Tyler Williams
hello!! here is a video that we filmed almost a year ago - and we finally got it out! i hope that you guys enjoy it!!
Julie Miller
The Peach Water was my favorite non coffee beverage from a can! So funny, but I now miss Vending machines.
Insert name
I think Safiya was in the gryffindor common room and Tyler was in the Ravenclaw one.
Blue Tea
Am i the only one, if i stay in a hotel and im about to check out, i feel like im leaving something behind, something precious to me, kinda like, if you leave someone or something important to you, sorta like a burden. Am i the only one? Oki
rachel t.
It’s g ewl za not g ee oza sry that’s unclear luv u saf!!!!
Rayonna Lovitt
This site has uploaded my account for $3516 , which is the first site I met and it is not deceptive,
So this is what it's like to be an animal in a petstore
Azal Khaled
nop. I rather sleep on the floor than stay in these pods. I couldn't breath by just watching this
さよならjυѕт wιlly
Me : *reads the title* ooh :3
Ad : *dancing to billie eillish and one of the girls socks underneath is disgusting*
Jaden Redhead
I am using a gummy bear to type this😂😂😂😂😂
Ocean XOXO
u wearing gucci slides
Lamisa H
10:35 look at safs face
sierra j
Does nobody else find the exposed foot bath a little gross lol
AG Animation
That’s fancy af😂😂😂
Ande Ycal
Sort of like a mausoleum for living people.
Ive got to build one of these things for my son. He would love it!
Retro Ryan 2726
Foot bath is key to everything. Ginza 3:19
Yet im sitting here with my claustraphobia
Mindfulness Key
Oh my gosh this girl is SO LOUD AND INCONSIDERATE, considering people are actually sleeping with their pod shut. How much more rude can you be? Why were not whispering??
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$25 Vietnam Capsule Hotel We Stayed In A Japanese Capsule Hotel 2 days ago   21:17

■ SAIGON, VIETNAM: Not having seen a capsule hotel since my first trip to Japan in 2001, I became pretty excited when I learnt that Saigon actually has one.

Although pricier than your average budget hotel room in this mega city, Sunland capsule hotel offers something the others don't and hence charge accordingly. A unique experience you'll never forget. I therefore had no choice but to book in to my very own private capsule for a once in a lifetime experience.

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