We Stayed In A Japanese Capsule Hotel WE SLEPT ON THE SIDE OF A MOUNTAIN | Peru 1 day ago   20:14

Tyler Williams
Hello! We are back (for at least this one video)! Here is our experience at a capsule hotel in Tokyo, Japan last May! We slept in small pods and ate giant gyoza, it was a ~good time~.

A big thank you to the Bay Hotel in Ginza and to Amanda for helping us produce the video!

You can check out the Bay Hotel here: https://www.bay-hotel.jp/ginza/eng/

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Tyler Williams
hello!! here is a video that we filmed almost a year ago - and we finally got it out! i hope that you guys enjoy it!!
How much does it cost for a night?
Go to the weird hotel
Hailey Hopkins
i wanna try this so bad wtf
Trinity Uhrlaub
there is a kid in my grade who has the name Tyler Williams
Casey Donnelly
6:12 is my favorite, Saf is so cute like omg
Victoria Magano
Lmao "freshman orientation realness"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
How do u do laundry in capsule hotels ? Can lock your room ?
What does it mean to be “on ice” i dont get it
No way! I've booked a capsule hotel just to see what it's like & it's the same one! Interested to see!
whats the opposite of claustrophobia?? i'd totally stay here if i could somehow get to japan,, even if that was my only activity. i fucking love tiny spaces.
Angel Capoeman
omg saf is so damn beautiful 😍
Em i am
I was quite shocked when Tyler fell asleep with a shirt and woke up sans shirt
Hello?!?! Does nobody make the connection to the 5th element 🤦🏽‍♀️. They predicted this like 20 years ago!😱😅
Cody Reed
Leeloo Dallas. Multipass.
Anti-Social Practice Club
Once Safiya gets married, is she going to have to change her channel name to Safiya Willaims?

Edit- I meant after being engaged like officially married.
Lily Possible
when you guys go to japan again, could u check out the muji hotel? I think that would be so fun! Love from vancouver (canada)
Madison Jaye
If Saf is here could you send her back to her channel please and thank you😣😣😣
emily chen
The girl got beautiful eyes!
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WE SLEPT ON THE SIDE OF A MOUNTAIN | Peru We Stayed In A Japanese Capsule Hotel 1 day ago   12:32

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