Mommy *sad mini movie* BEAUTY IS PAIN 💔 | Gacha 1 day ago   11:44

Kawaii Bella
Comment down bellow if you cried!
Also, sorry for mistakes.

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Midnight Crystal Gammer
For me the end is super sad and when she got hit
Llama That is humble
I am crying my other channel llamathatishumble I liked your vid in this channel and the other one this made me so sad I cried... *Cries in rl with blood*
Can we have a part 2 like if you agree. 😀
Kitsune Dreamz
This exactly happened to me in 2018 & 2019.
But I was not spoilt
*I almost cried*
XxMintyxX xX
Well her daughter learned her lesson
oldnew newold
I hate Linda even when she turn back to a kind person she is so stupid
—Rei Inside—
I cried,...
Did the mom die

*crys at the end*
I like for
133838.3 trillion slaps for the rekt grandma

4:53 the mom says Linda is gonna kill her

Me:Listen linda

Like if you felt that SAME way
Who just wants to let out all the anger on this video right now
Vanessa Dreher
JUST HIT THE CHILD GEEZ. OMG THIS WAS JUST TOO FAR GEEZ...the thing is the mom was really dumb because she couldn’t control her kid. Like why did she give her the money.
StrangeCreature Thingy
Linda is a Brat
StrangeCreature Thingy
* inhales deeply*AAAAAAAAAAAAAH poor Black Girl
*sees Linda*

I’m not gonna be spoiled like her-
Unika Mae Bailey
now she wants her mom back?
Unika Mae Bailey
shitting spoiled girl
StrangeCreature Thingy
Wow Grandma Being A Thot
Mini Channy
I was crying because the ending was so sad.. :c *Cries in rl*
StrangeCreature Thingy
When You Are In The Army You Have To Be A Single Dad
Ebonie Juarbe
I cried so much at the ending. This made me want to die just for all those moms who have spoiled kids.😭😭😭😭
appleheadphone playz
That is why you always be there for your parents
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BEAUTY IS PAIN 💔 | Gacha Mommy *sad mini movie* 1 day ago   18:11

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