Brexit Road Trip Day Two: The 52%: meet the Brexit Britons 1 day ago   02:58

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How are the British viewing their future #Brexit prospects? Are they as split as their leaders?

@AlexanderSmith is on day two of his Brexit road trip to uncover the hopes and fears in the four corners of the UK.

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Gordon Aitchison
Let's face it, the Scots are thick, they didn't understand the question.
Therese Nydahl
"What will be will be" - who would have thought English would be such fatalists?
Miguel Melchior
Truth be told, migrations are part of the world we live in, but i do understand that a healthy integration of the imigration in the rich countries of the Union is a very real problem that deserves a lot of atention.., not only england.
A lot of central and northern Europe, have areas in need of balance and atention in the subject.
Divided States of America
Amusing. 80 years ago Brits fought a war against Germany to prevent themselves from being conquered by nazis and fascists. Now they are signing up for it. It was a good run for you Brits.. I have no sympathy for your weakness and cowardice, but I wish you the best as a nation of serfs. Taa!
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The 52%: meet the Brexit Britons Brexit Road Trip Day Two: 1 day ago   08:01

Henrietta Norton and Dan Dennison have travelled around the country to meet a selection of the majority of British citizens who voted to leave the European Union and ask them not only why they voted out but what their hopes are for a post-Brexit Britain

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