Brexit Road Trip Day Two: Meet the whistleblower who exposed alleged 1 day ago   02:58

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How are the British viewing their future #Brexit prospects? Are they as split as their leaders?

@AlexanderSmith is on day two of his Brexit road trip to uncover the hopes and fears in the four corners of the UK.

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From an outside perspective and just a little knowledge of the situation it seems UK big business want to continue the increase on sales of their products and most do not what the exit, while most common folks feel overrun with immigration and an overworked social welfare system, poor job opportunities leaving locals out in the cold. I also understand the EU demanded $Billions of dollars from the UK as a penalty for leaving the 'Union'. Immigrants will follow the greenest road to a better life. The question I have is, before the UK joined the Union, was life so bad? So far open borders and globalization seems to have created more racial tension, more local economic issues and less opportunities for local commoners while big corporate elite got richer. In a nut shell...
Gordon Aitchison
Let's face it, the Scots are thick, they didn't understand the question.
Therese Nydahl
"What will be will be" - who would have thought English would be such fatalists?
Miguel Melchior
Truth be told, migrations are part of the world we live in, but i do understand that a healthy integration of the imigration in the rich countries of the Union is a very real problem that deserves a lot of atention.., not only england.
A lot of central and northern Europe, have areas in need of balance and atention in the subject.
Divided States of America
Amusing. 80 years ago Brits fought a war against Germany to prevent themselves from being conquered by nazis and fascists. Now they are signing up for it. It was a good run for you Brits.. I have no sympathy for your weakness and cowardice, but I wish you the best as a nation of serfs. Taa!
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Meet the whistleblower who exposed alleged Brexit Road Trip Day Two: 1 day ago   08:49

Last year, the European Anti-Fraud Office discovered more than three billion pounds of fraud in the EU. (Subscribe:

Those sceptical of Brussels often say this is a long-standing problem, but one man who went public with what he uncovered believes blowing the whistle cost him his job.

He’s spent the last 15 years trying to get recognition for the allegations of fraud he made against the European Committee of the Regions, as well as compensation for his lost wages.


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