Bose Headphones 700: The King Bose ANC 700 Review - Much Needed 2 days ago   06:49

Marques Brownlee
Terrible name. Excellent headphones. Companies compete; we win!
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Sony WH1000XM3:

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Carlos Andrés Carrero Saldarriaga
if i want to make phone calls in a busy environment, which wireless headphones should I get?
First they have to beat Shure SE 535, Jerry Harvey Michelle's and Bayerdynamic T5-P😂
Then they hear the Abyss Diana's and start to CRY😂😂😂😂
Mitchell Jack
Can you do B&O equivalent please?
Stuart McLean
I live in the sub arctic so not getting the sonys for sure
raed dabbous
FATAL FLAW with those headphones: they have an auto shutoff feature after 10 minutes of them sensing no motion,that you cannot disable with the app. Imagine you dosing on a plane or wanting to sleep with them or meditating..and as you are just about to, a loud chime comes on making sure you are woken up and they turn off...nothing can be done about it and bose keep promising an update but terrible thinking. They want to extend this from 10 minutes to 1 hour, which is still unsatisfactory, and which they still have not done yet anyways. This is Terrible
Dan Z
I love your videos but you left something CRAZY IMPORTANT OUT. SONY CANNOT CONNECT TO TWO DEVICES AT THE SAME TIME! I mean it sort of can if (they are BOTH android and 1 device, like phone, turns off sound) BUT at least the older bose can connect to 2 devices AT ONCE AND if the audio turns off on one and on on the other IT WILL FLAWLESSLY SWITCH!!! This is something the sony STILL CANNOT DO WTF!
Why can't they have a normal CODE NAME / NICK NAME and the actual "model number" at the bottom of the box like you know.. ANY OTHER F*CKING PRODUCT IN THE PLANET?
Pratyusha Reddy Botta
@3:38 what phone is that?
Eric Jacobs Holien Bartholomew
So lit mobile can suck my dic*
10,000 subscribers without any videos
I like my Sony xm3s more a
Whoa whoa whoa!! Wait a second?? Why is 700 a bad name for them?? To me that sounds GREAT!! So much better than stupid gibberish bullshit that every other earphone manufacturer likes to call theirs.
The wh 400s 1000xm3 wtf are THOSE names??? They are fucking rubbish!!
Secondly! Those earphones look MEGA sexy!! They are so much more beautiful than any other earphones on the market (mostly) and FAR SURPASS Sony's, bose and even JBL or Beats!
I would sooo buy them!! The only reason i won't is because they don't have enough of a warm bass boosted sound to them!! That's a major let down for me and just kill it.
I thought bose is supposed to create more of a base with their music?? That's bloody rubbish!
And also I'm not keen on their app for their control. It's very lack luster!

Otherwise they are a beautiful, innovative and ground pushing headphones!!
Tony Z
I'm actually kinda disappointed in this review Marques, these headphones have a serious flaw. They have a motionless auto off "feature". If you fall asleep on a plane and arent moving, after 10 mins the headphones will turn off. There is no way to turn this feature off and despite customers complaining for months on end Bose apparently has done nothing to fix it, hinting that this is a hardware issue. If they could just update the firmware they would of done it months ago but because Bose has been silent everybody is thinking that the engineers hardwired it to turn off without motion. In summary they cant be used while sleeping or on long plane rides. Pretty big con never mentioned.
Robin Cernjavskij
Does the Bose 700 pause the music when taking them off and auto-resume when putting them on again? Further does the pairing go seamlessly? Understood that Sony's XM3 has some issues with that one. Tough to decide which one to buy ... don't care too much about good NC but like some good bass and possibility to pair multiple devices ... any advice would be great. Thanks
autistic Hockeyguy
Alex Reems
Great video.....I think I'll end up with the sony... I like how the 2s sound and the noise cancelling is amazing
Howard Manley
I’ll never give up my so y xm3’s NEVER!
Cody King
They seem to have improved everything but the audio quality. I cant be the only one annoyed with companies improving everything but the audio quality when releasing newer models of headphones.
If anyone can tell me why they do this please explain it to me.
If I was the CEO of Bose and you brought me these headphones I would be pissed and whoever was in charge of creating the Bose 700 better have a good reason for not improving the audio quality.
Leandro Armas Villa
The Sony? I know a lots people returned the Sony and changed to bose
Kpop King
Which one is more durable the Sony Wh-1000xm3 or Bose 700.
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Bose ANC 700 Review - Much Needed Bose Headphones 700: The King 2 days ago   09:57

Did Bose finally catch up to Sony with their new Active Noise Cancelling 700 Headphones? Let's find out if it's worth the $400 they're asking for.

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