Bose Headphones 700: The King Inside Bose's top-secret testing 1 day ago   06:49

Marques Brownlee
Terrible name. Excellent headphones. Companies compete; we win!
Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700:
Sony WH1000XM3:

Sony WH1000XM3 Review:

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Jake 3752
These headphones are overpriced and unremarkable, except for the ‘unique’ design that looks like a cheap pair of on-ears a public school would have for the computer lab. Unless you constantly make phone calls with headphones on, there’s no reason to take these over the $50 less Sony competition. All the advancements in this design are only halfheartedly piggybacking off its competition, and then on top of it Bose wants to charge the highest price for bluetooth headphones out of anything that isn’t pure luxury cheese.
What phone were you using here?
Brett Olivier
I'd like to see your take on the Bose shades.
Bunyku C
You really need to try Meze Empyrean headphones! I would love to see a review.
Manav Thakkar
I like Qc 35 ii better
Laron Williams
If bose doesn't have good bass then what's a good over-ear (doesn't have to have noise cancellation) headphones that you'll recommend? Thx.
Can you do a video on the best portable Bluetooth speakers? My personal favorite is the Teufel Rockstar cross.
Boosted Bill
Sony's rn are $300 making $100 cheaper... Would definitely scoop the Sony's over the bose. I want to want the bose but the styling isn't for me
Muzzammil Mukhtar
Please do a review on the nuraphones 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Eli Marcus
Can you use these for gaming?
Artform Insights!
"The smooth clicks are less satisfying than the previous Bose" I totally get you Marques bro. Can't say how many times just trying to get a good fit via proper "clicks" matters! 🤟
felix dischner
Who else is watching this video with the Bose qc 35 ii?
Paul Lynch
I had the first generation Sony noise cancelling headphones, and they snapped within 9 months of gentle use. An internet search revealed that it was a common fault, yet Sony didn't recall them, they just rushed out a 2nd Gen version, and then a 3rd. In other countries they'd fix for free, apparently, but here in Japan (where consumer protections are low) they wanted $80 dollars to repair, despite knowing it was a design flaw and still being under warranty. I'll never buy Sony again, no matter how good their products get reviewed.
I'm kind of glad I can't afford these
i was on an international flight just a few weeks ago and that airplane didn't use that airline adapter. just normal 3.5mm jack.
Christian Magnus Roland
Im watching this with the Bose Noice Cancelling headphones to see if I made the right decision even though it's to late to go back now.
John Macaulay
They look terrible
10,000 subscribers without any videos
They make you look like Mickey mouse
I don't like it.... At all...
Mad Max
The song m3s are better than the Bose quiet comfort. Yes. However the Bose 700 is absolutely insane. I have to give it to Bose this time. And I’m a Sony fanboy. Step it up Sony!
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Inside Bose's top-secret testing Bose Headphones 700: The King 1 day ago   02:50

CNET met with Bose CEO Bob Maresca and got a tour of the secretive audio company's headquarters and testing labs. Come along for the ride.

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