Google Photos - Live-Demonstration Google I/O 2015 2 days ago   11:14

Google hat eine neue Foto-App entwickelt und nennt sie Google Photos. Optisch erinnert sie an Apples Foto-App seit iOS 7. Sie ist ab sofort für Android, iOS und das Web erhältlich.

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Rafael Goncalves
Private???? my ass!!! you accessfrom a PC and BOOM!!! your hole life is exposed to people near you!!!
This sh*t is only for mobile devices!!! there are a bunch of features missing for PC/Browser

I use a lot of Google's products....but this one it's lame. Picasa is much much better then this.

I'm so disappointed with Google on this product... even the keys shortcuts are terrible!!!

You need to organize the photos all the time. Create albums and the move the photos to these albums. You can select them and choose an album to put the selected photos, but as soon you finish this task the system don't allow you to archive these photos and remove them from main screen!!!! OMG!!!

You now have to select all the same group of photos (don't forget any photo!!) and finally archive them (SHIFT+A)...that sucks!
Power Fitness
Tell me about the difference between high quality and original quality?
10:23 top left corner
Jose Catrejon
Jose Luis Miguel Angel
Mr.Sofyan Hery
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Mina Soliman
Can one delete photos from their iPhones after backing up on google photos?  In other words, will the sync feature remove photos in google photos if it is deleted in my iPhone, or will the google photos only delete them if I go and manually delete them within the google photos cloud?
LOL Life
I enjoygreat outdoors nature, keep it onward!
Denny Weinberg
@Somindra Kannangara
This has pattern recognition
Somindra Kannangara
This is photo stream, apple had that for ages.
Hunter McStuffer
OMG!! The sky!! xD
Windows Phone :(
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Google I/O 2015 Google Photos - Live-Demonstration 2 days ago   3:27:43

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Google I/O is the annual developers conference for the Mountain View-based search giant. In addition to updates on the next version of Android, Google could unveil additional news from its wide-ranging empire, including anything from search, self-driving cars, Android Wear, Chrome OS, Android TV or Nest smart home devices -- just to name a few.

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