This Mexican Border City The Satanic Temple's Protest for First 2 days ago   04:17

REYNOSA, Mexico — The mayors of two sister-cities across the Texas-Mexico border agree that the "physical barrier" President Donald Trump desperately wants will only make the situation worse.

To start, Mexico already has all the wall it needs, according to Maki Ortiz, the mayor of Reynosa, one of the most dangerous cities in Mexico, across the Rio Grande from McAllen, Texas.

"It's called jobs, education," Ortiz told VICE News in an interview at her office Thursday. "We don't want any Mexicans to go out of the country. That's why in this city we created twenty thousand jobs. That is our wall."

McAllen, Texas, Mayor Jim Darling also doesn't think the wall is necessary.

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"We’re sister cities number one — friends, relatives. We have ten thousand people every day walk across the bridge. That many in cars come across. We never thought of the border as a challenge, but an advantage."
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Bill Johnson
If she is against it then I'm for it!
Chuck Hall
Well, if illegal immigrants did not enter illegally, then how did over 13 million of them get here? Time to start clamping it ALL down.
Daniel Ramirez
Title should read Mexican border city knows Donald Trump’s wall is stupid and useless
Lills Jul
Build a wall and then the next Democratic president just opens all the gates.
Timothy Campbell
Fake news
The Culprit
sister cities friends and relatives, whatever. We don't need you over here taking our social security, our free health care, and food and water and anything else that is for the United States American citizens. We are tired of working and paying our taxes only for them to be giving it to the Mexicans and the other illegal aliens that cross that border. Maybe we should start spending the money on bullets instead of a wall. maybe that will stop the bullshit
A wall alone is pointless
Build a border like the DMZ in Korea and you're safe.
Chris Koay
Dislike from Trumpsters
Default Boi
No you’re useless.
Get them the F#%k OUT!!! They rob our healthcare system costing us billions in deficit.
Holly Neely
Yes, change affects both sides. What we are looking for in the United States, is a positive change for US versus a negative situation remaining the same.
Holly Neely
That's right. There is no crisis in Reynosa, it is business as usual. The crisis is all over the United States, wants the people who choose to behave you legally, and commit crimes I have crossed over the Border, without any fuss, all the crisis Is Coming To the United States of America. Of course you don't have to deal with it!
Holly Neely
There is one really strong advantage to having a physical barrier versus lots of law enforcement and Border Control Officers. When there's humans involved, there's lots of opinion generated on whether they are doing their job correctly, and of course they are lives at risk, while they are at work, they are risking their lives. In addition to being criticized by either side by how they do their job. This would be eliminated by using a physical barrier, that does not change, have to make a human decision before acting, but just stands there free of judgement, no lives risked at all. The physical barrier definitely solves the problem of having fights over whether an officer did his job correctly or not. I do feel badly for people that live on one side and work on the other, or we'll have friends on either side. It does sound however if there are jobs on the Mexico side, that they are in a position to compete for those jobs and succeed in life. If they can do it in Mexico, why would they need to come to the United States?
In 7th century, the Chinese built a wall. They have not had a single
problem with Mexicans since it was first built. Proof walls work...
Ed Mira
Tech Bat
If your American you should be doing what you can to keep our country American.
guido viana
So... Whats the argument against the wall? What will change if we have a wall? Ah nothing so... Bill that wall then
Adan Alonzo
We need a wall.
Jedi Monk
Build the god dam wall!
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The Satanic Temple's Protest for First This Mexican Border City 2 days ago   13:34

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