Rookie Minicamp Highlights! Marshawn Lynch's BEAST MODE 2 days ago   13:15

2019 Rookie minicamp highlights.

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Jackson Hoffman
0:00 Browns
0:28 Giants
0:50 Colts
1:28 49ers
1:52 Raiders
2:22 Vikings
2:55 Redskins
3:04 Patriots
3:27 Seahawks
3:59 Buccaneers
4:16 Packers
4:46 Falcons
5:04 Bears
5:14 Titans
5:29 Lions
5:44 Jaguars
6:09 Cardinals
6:39 Jets
7:25 Steelers
7:46 Eagles
8:15 Cowboys
8:45 Broncos
9:11 Chargers
9:36 Dolphins
10:25 Panthers
11:03 Bengals
11:17 Ravens
11:41 Chiefs
12:07 Bills
12:34 Texans
12:50 Saints

Have a nice day.
Chris Jericho
frosty pablo
40 teams = 4 conferences of 10 teams + Canadian cinference. Winners of each only playoff for the rose bowl.
Top 3-4 playoff for the superbowl or vice verse.
Thats a big league.
Supportef by public interest.
frosty pablo
At least 40 -45 clubs. Not franchises. Its not bloody Mcfootball. Representation for the majority of states and Canadian provinces.
#1 that would be huge.
#2 it would soak up international talent looking for spots.
#3 Creates more spots for locals.
Split the Bowls. Rose one year. The winner of the Rose holds the Super Bowl next year. Even if they dont qualify for it that year.
Something to play for.
Much fairer.
frosty pablo
Frosty backs his point with an example. Australian punters. The Australian drop punt is the fastest and most accurate punt there is. Hence its employment in the NFL and College leagues. Such use has stiffened defenses in that area of the game and provided aggressive field positioning.
Yet all that means is there are now 20 rookies who cant live the dream.
The national competition has to go international.
There is strong demand for the game.
frosty pablo
Rookies. Trying to break into a national game that doesnt have représentation in every state.
The St Louis move to LA.
Well who does St Lous go for now ?
Millions left unrepresented in the national sport. Locals paying billions to keep their teams and still losing them.
AND. For every rookie there are 10 who cant live the dream
Frostys opinion. Expand into every state and Canada.
Hold the Superbowl every 2-3 years instead of every year at NO ONES home ground
Making it the world cup of American football.
Dutch Gouda
Dude from Dallas in slow mo / dude from San Diego at least 40
Jason M
0:08 - Random "Dawg Pound"
parish barker
I swear greedy looks like a younger Young Dolph
Jeremy Lu

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Phil Theodore
Markquise Normand
Kind of mad i didn’t see any packers interviews or clips.... don’t sleep on our rookies or team this year
Madien Syr
SuomronE KciD
8:16 Jordan peele clone
Josh Allen 7th overall two years back to back. I L L U M I N A T I
Jiggy Bah
Irv Smith will clearly be the best TE in his class.😂 how did he not getting picked as the 1 TE? 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Dewan Malone
Parish Cambell is gonna be dangerous in indy
I understand the Daniel Jones pick. He’s Eli lol
Carlos Mendieta
Daniel Jones is so bad he isn't even on this NFL QB Rankings list lol:
Anthony Holliday
Lets go buffalo #billsmafia
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Marshawn Lynch's BEAST MODE Rookie Minicamp Highlights! 2 days ago   11:28

Marshawn Lynch's career highlights with the Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks, and Oakland Raiders.

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