Sneaking Into A Ukrainian Military Pro-Russian Protesters Attempt to Seize 1 day ago   07:01

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Angry crowds of Russia supporters as well as Russian military units surrounded and entered Ukraine's Naval High Command in Sevastopol blocking all exits and demanded that its officers switch allegiance to Crimea's new Kremlin-aligned government. Naval Command has so far remained mostly loyal to Kiev, but its fall would represent a significant psychological victory for Russian forces.

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А реально найти эту блядину, которая накинулась на Семёна? В контактике например?
xJGB // Gaming
So the civilians are worse than the russian soldiers......okay then.....
Dark Side
Russia wants protect their people huh let's deport Russian people from Ukraine then
Judean People's Front
The violent crowd were Ukranian.
RF! Nieko
I saw White army Uniforms 5:08
-insert forgettable name-
No-one likes a Cossack.
Tanner Kilgore
On the regular
Barney Inthewanderland
this is how putin want to start a war againts UN and no one in UN community wants to get into it!
Danius Von Gailis
Ostrovsky lol get the hell out from Christian lands effing enemies of the humanity. Parasites
phantom gaming
maybe they don't want the Ukrainian government there
Denis Khasanov
American spy into ukr military base)))
Donboklang Lyngdoh
Even the people are supporting for Russia and why did USA seen it As an invasion?
I don't know who should I support the Ukrainians or the Russians.
control kallash
0:40 hhhahhahaah
danielito James
this is not isis and the American army tho lol
Fuzzy Dunlop
Always with the fucking Cossacks. What's with those fucking guys?
Fuzzy Dunlop
"It seems this naval base is being besieged by pro-Russian protesters protected by armed irregulars.... LET'S SEE IF WE CAN SNEAK INTO THE BASE FOR A QUICK INTERVIEW." Goddamn, this shit gets me pumped. I want to get out in the field.
Dillon Draper
His chin
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Pro-Russian Protesters Attempt to Seize Sneaking Into A Ukrainian Military 1 day ago   07:11

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This week, the Ukrainian military launched an anti-terrorist operation to quell the pro-Russia violence and unrest that has swept eastern Ukraine. VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky interviewed troops deployed in the operation at the border between Kharkiv and Donetsk, and then traveled to Kramatorsk, where pro-Russia protesters were attempting to take over an airfield. When Simon arrived, it seemed that the airfield was still under Ukrainian control, but the pro-Russia protesters were outside preparing to seize it. Once the head of the anti-terror operation appeared outside the base, the commander was accosted by the protesters until he retreated back inside — so much for his anti-terror operation.

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