Roadtrip to Abkhazia Vlog #1: Leaving DIA DE SWAPMEET EP .10 2 days ago   15:03

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Our journalist Patrick Lancaster who has been reporting on the Ukraine War, in the unrecognized country of the Donetsk People's Republic, for the last 5 years is now going to be attempting to sheld light on another unrecognized country, Abkhazia. In this vlog Roadtrip to Abkhazia Vlog #1: Leaving the Ukraine War Frontline" Patrick and his family are starting their trip to Abkhazia. We will be showing you how is quest plays out by the minute. Patrick hopes to find out what it is really like in Abkhazia and to share it with you.

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Tanya Dzis
Looking forward to see your next video.
Have fun there!
You look happy,Patrick.
Thank you for your hard work,for truth😍
God bless your family!!!!!
Reidar Barstad
Very interesting, thanks for sharing. Video is shared in our Russian-Norwegian FB-page about all things Russian :-)
Really enjoy your work Patrick.
Alina Mcleod
Nice! Never heard of this place before.
Reporterfy Media
Great work Patrick
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DIA DE SWAPMEET EP .10 Roadtrip to Abkhazia Vlog #1: Leaving 2 days ago   15:54

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