Slapping Tournaments Are For Real Men Man Saves Wedding By Fainting and Peeing 1 day ago   09:00

This is the greatest slapping tournament of All Time

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*Thats fuckin n u t s*
Aidas Tervydis
4.01 that dude had blood driping from ear
Santiago Ocampo
Wait till pimps start doing this
Daniel Wieczorek
Kindasimilar to golf
El Bruh
vasily is one slap man
keishan singh
his father felt that in his balls 3:56
Brian cell had left the chat
Jack Sparrow
That vss guy 3:30😂
Oh yeah yeah Oh no no
People don’t slap big boy hard because they don’t want him to slap hard back
Me and viscilli have a third nipple in the same exact spot wtf
Vladimir Stroganoff
Oj oj oj oj oj
Ivan Estrada
That last one was like a belly flop but only to the face
Mason Parr
i haven't seen him laugh this much before. i love it
Banana Raptor
OOOOI oi oi oi oi oi oi
R3deye The Pir8
8:48 the guy on the right looks like a matador
FBI Director 4B78442R
Throw back
Ethan Stehney
Seeing him react to Vasily for the first time is like seeing love at first sight.
Shobe Productions
Who noticed that bearded slapper had a third nipple
Geno Geno
2:23 kind bear 😄
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Man Saves Wedding By Fainting and Peeing Slapping Tournaments Are For Real Men 1 day ago   05:01

This is the greatest plan of All Time

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