It's Your Closet They Lie! 2 days ago   05:51

Josh Wolf

Watch my full one hour comedy special "Father Of The Year" for $5 at

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Josh Wolf
Father vs Son: The Fight (Part I):
Chloe Prentice
Talk about skeletons in the closet....
Kumar Kshirsagar
Constant hard on for no particular reason. Good old teenage 😂😂
Libertatis Est Deus
Take a shot for every time he says

" oh my god daddy"
Relate with the math class XD
M Friz
Still just as funny the second round. The ending still kills me! They can bury my body
piere pierouu
Oh ma gad d'dyyyyy
You are hilarious! I saw you in Raleigh, and laughed until i couldn't breathe..i hope you get your own special soon!!!
Ed Wood
Asking NO questions, not my business not my concern.
Cameron Murphy
The first like 60 seconds of that was a diesel truck starting
White Knight
Luke Escamilla
Why dose your daughter sound like a gay cholo
Juice 730
Omg daddy I have to tell you something daddy omg daddy omg daddy daddy omg daddy lmao 😂 I spit Mt Dew everywhere I was laughing so hard
Mitsuo Mits
Well, everybody knows: What happens in the closed, stais in the closed.
dead memes
No it’s not
mr. 318
Aaaaah, its "oh my god daddy".🙄🤦
I thought "Oh my god daddy" was "I'm a good tittie"
David mcguire
I show your videos to my boyfriend, and when I show him the title, I can tell that he questions what I watch in my spare time but he is dying by the end of your vids as well.
Spikeand Stitch
My girlfriend said she wishes boys had periods and I told her that’s y
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They Lie! It's Your Closet 2 days ago   08:35


Watch my full one hour comedy special "Father Of The Year" for $5 at

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