pt 3 of will it Run ? worn out Honda Trail 1950 Chevy Sedan Delivery 1 day ago   47:09

all the replacement parts came in for my 1972 honda ct70, so lets fix the different systems one by one, carb, handlebars, wiring, and throttle.

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Get a battery tender. It automatically switches between 6 and 12 volts. You can get one for $29 from Costco. Or Amazon
Jon A
Ran dang good with no BP
its spare parts bikes all the way down.
Hey man what’s that white sh** falling out @40:29 I’m concerned 😂 great videos this is how I learn literally 1 on 1 training! THEE BEST OUT THERE TBH
Wayne Roller
You do not need to charge a batt with fresh acid.
porta power.
Hal 9000
Flubber lives!
Hal 9000
Nice shirt
MJM’s Workshop
It’s getting better and better.
Dang man you got her spitting flames already lol
Tip for removing grips. Stick a small allen key under the grip between the grip and handel bars. Pour a few drops of alcohol in opening made by the alan key. Wait 10 seconds and pull the grip off.pop!
Cyberdyne Systems
i've said it before and i'll say it again. mustie is that humble guy you wish you knew as a friend. his videos are excellent, no stupid intros, no stupid music not to my taste. humble and knows what he's doing! that's why he's sitting on high view counts and 6k likes in a view days. Who still watches "TV" in 2019 when YouTube is KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Derek Jones
Reminds me of Donald Duck...dunno why:-)some might call it a mini quacker!
Flip Hager
These cycles always seem to pull air in from under the seat into the air cleaner.... problem is that people who don't understand that often put a rain slicker or grocery bag or whatever under the seat only to then have probs with the engine getting enough air! My question is why bother tuning it when you don't have a pipe on it yet?
OMG...  Watching you work...  like watching Stan Laurel..
dont that flywheel miss a nut?
DriveShaft Drew
great job on the bars thumbs up and shared got it running kool fun project
Noah Calderon
Lol don't ask how I know but that truck is a Toyota tundra at the end I recognized the hood from my own😆😆
Xmc X
The way that thing sounds I was expecting Mary Poppins come out and ride on it. Great video I've really enjoyed this series.
Michael Upton
Hi mustie. I've been watching and enjoying your videos. Cool video on the ct 70.many years ago, i did a rustoration on on a trail 50 which my kids enjoyed for 10 years. Next i did a ct70 with my son. The top end was toast and was going to cost too a lot in parts. I ran across a chineese bike that had a honda knock off 90cc 4speed new. It was minus some non critical parts, so i got it for $125. It fit right on the bike and was a good project. I did need some parts and found Beatrice cycle very helpful and affordable. Some parts were even honda parts. They even had wiring diagrams, helpful as i was going from original to cdi ignition.also there is a site called mini trail
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1950 Chevy Sedan Delivery pt 3 of will it Run ? worn out Honda Trail 1 day ago   22:54


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