Ukrainians ENG Sniper-Full Movie(1993) 5 months ago   1:25:44

Leonid Kanter
Film "The Ukrainians"
by Leonid Kanter & Ivan Yasniy
with english subtitles

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Ggg Ggg
Long live ukraina and georgia we are brothers
Love from georgia
Ukrainian bratva
I stand with Ukraine, what's the name of the March that plays early in the film around 13:15?
geiler typ
Fuck the Ukraine in the ass from germany
Olli Rantala
I hope ukrainians wins this war soon
But Ukrainians don't have heavy bombers? Go with a squadron of those and see how the war ends soon !!
Kyle Zahorodnyj
As an Englishman with a Ukranian grandfather my existence is almost unfortunate. I never met him, and know nothing of my ancestors or their ways. They undoubtedly exist in my heart though. I hope peace finds it's way to this part of the world soon. Thanks for the upload Leonid.
Please whats song at end???
glory ukrania i from turkey
Văn Phạm
Glory to Ukraine!
From Vietnam.
Roman Havelka
Great documentary! Czechoskovakians stands with Ukraine. Slava Ukraine
Slava Ukraini! Ista smo krv. (Croatia covering your backs!)
Jakub Szałkowski
41:56 he kick dog
Baron Joachim Von Munchausen
I was born in Crimea and biggest shame
When disgusting apes and primates came on our land in 1992.
That was real occupation and disgrace.
Glory forever to Russia and Putin.
Liberated my beloved Crimea from
Bunch of Ukrainian klouns.
hue povar
Слава Россия 🇷🇺 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺👍😍✌️
Смерть Украины
Домбас ета России, если вы Укропи не зовут война уходит из Дамбос и патом будет хорошо а не войны. Мы Русские не агрессор мы проста будим зашит нашая Родина из враков.
Samrat B
there is nothing more stupid than shooting bullets and missiles at each other to settle some difference .. here or anywhere else in the world.
is there anymore footage about these men? true heroes.
Vilijam Kil
govna musava fasisticka jebace vas vlada putin
Robin Breeds
Love this Film..
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Sniper-Full Movie(1993) Ukrainians ENG 5 months ago   1:35:33


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