Joe Rogan on the Disneyland Fight Video How Richard Rawlings Created Fast 1 day ago   02:21

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Taken from JRE #1322 w/Reggie Watts:

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Zero Point
They did get charged. Pink shirt is looking at 7 years in prison.
Racism and fear of other races is learned behavior. Welp there were plenty of impressionable children there that just learned some fear that day.
Joe Rogan, the type of guy to walk by a street fight only to stop and shout *”your technique is shit”*
Ruben D. Fernandez
Shout out to the coach from el paso tx in the grey shirt 👋
Ruben D. Fernandez
When drug dealers go to disney land
Andy McCoy
It wasn’t such a small world after all. Fucking cunts
There is going to be white people filming this with their camera phones who live in white neighborhoods and have white family's and friends who will show this video to their family and friends and say "this is an example of black people".
Craig Smith
Love the down play 🙌🙌
learn to compete or just shut the f*** up
Un-freakin'-believable !!!

I feel so bad for the children of this family of dysfunctional degenerates. This was supposed to be the best day of their lives as children and these scumbags couldn't even allow them to enjoy it. These kids will forever be traumatized by this nonsense of the same adults they look up to!! I bet the children will never want to go back to Disney or any other amusement park now because of this

They are exactly what i said and nothing more dysfunctional degenerate scumbags who most certainly belong in jail. Im certain it wouldn't be the first visit for any of them. They most likely are on first name basis with the guards of the jails.

They should be ashamed of themselves however im certain they arent, most likely quite the opposite.

The scumbag with the dreadlocks and red shirt claimed to be " the neighborhood Crypt" so he is used to being a scumbag degenerate and certainly carried himself like one. Strange how he only wanted to fight the females and bitched out when the men would step up to him. Perhaps thats how the crypts roll. I bet even the crypts are embarrassed by his actions and even more so with him claiming to be one.
Lindsay Blunt
They were the most triflin group of people I’ve ever seen. As yes none of them knew how to throw hands.
What's the point of this if the fight video is not shown ?
Dimethyl Tryptamine
I saw some guy knock someone out at Six Flags.
Diversity is our greatest strength
ken merriman
SORRY TO SAY but a black "family" getting into a brawl at disney how cute and Ill tell you there is like zero talk of this on MSM in general and esp CNN or MSMBC
damien crews
dudes a bitch. he hit 2 different women n didnt touch a single man.
Wtf is going on
shane molloy
Stoner Control
"Naybahood Crip niggas got me fucked up"
Eric Shira
How is it that no one stopped that dude in the red from smacking multiple women up? He couldn’t fight! That’s why he was smacking all the ladies! That guy is a chump and so are the people who didn’t intervene.
Lena May Duzen
So he shouldn't have hit her like that, he could've just walked away after she spit
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How Richard Rawlings Created Fast Joe Rogan on the Disneyland Fight Video 1 day ago   14:22

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1229:

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