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Indonesia is headed to the polls in what has been called 'the most complicated ballot in global history.' Around 192 million Indonesians are slated to vote in five separate elections ranging from the Presidential and Parliamentary to provincial and local. This will happen across a country with more than 17,000 islands spread across three time zones. There are also a total of about 245,000 candidates in the running, and all on a single day. But the headline contest will be between these two men. Current President Joko Widodo and former military general Prabowo Subianto faced off against each other before in the 2014 election. Jokowi, as the current president is known, won by a whisker. But this time round the stakes are even higher. And campaigning that ended on the weekend, has been crucial, chaotic and creative.

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another human being
For God's sake I've had enough of that madman and his radical minions. Extremists are and will always hinder any country's development.
Kung Jangkung
Boyarsyavin Avin
Katanya FPI musik tu roma teman dia main musik hari hari..miris...
mr Al
This news doesn't represent what is really happen in Indonesia, especially about religion. Islam is majority in Indonesia, but it feels becomes minority due to many Islamic preachers arrested by Jokowi government. That's why people wants changes.
Renesmee Orlin
So... These people making english video about Indonesia knowing indonesians are militans and they can boost viewers by this video? Hmm
salman alfarizi
Kotak suara dari kardus...wkwk
Homi Jujung
Shame on you Rizki Nugraha!
DW should fire you because you as reporter didn't balance your oppinion and claiming false facts.
Show your data about corruption, human right issue and arrest of people that aginst mining company!
Curruption now become lesser becsuse of more efficient beurocracy.
Mining company is strugling because the goverment limmiting export of raw minerals.
LGBT? OMG.... Dont you have anything more important to say?
Watang Lipu Hadjar
did rizky also take part in the election yesterday?
2:01 omg I was there last year!
M Muthaa Dillar
i'm still prefer with sobat gurun, rather than old man who admitted himself as "Milenials" xD
dahman mc
Prabowo will win!
Dhyan Aditama
why you don't show
the second candidate Prabowo Subianto? This is not fair, right?
Ahmad Noor
Since the new reforms this time the general elections in Indonesia have been massive and widespread fraud. The principle of general election that is direct, free and confidential and honest and fair has been damaged. Coupled with the General Election Commission Institution which has shown very poor performance by recording incorrect data. Increasingly increasing the distrust of the Indonesian people for profession and the workings of the Indonesian General Election Commission. Impressed not neutral and siding with certain presidential candidates. Seeing and paying attention to the events since before the general elections in Indonesia up to now, has the potential and possibility that it can lead to divisions, chaos and security disturbances in Indonesia. All of this might be due to fraud in the general election and the unprofessional manner of the work of the electoral institutions and the partisanship of the administrators and the security forces.
Alvin Pramuji
Michael 53
keep in mind Indonesia is not an islamic Country even though 3/4 of the population is Islamic, but you can't just see it like that, Indonesia consist of thousand of island and each of them have their own unique and culture, that's why this is a country full of diversity, so you can't called it and Islamic country at all
potato head
Why didnt you guys add sub instead of dubbing it.....
Hasanah Kustar
For international people, u can't judge Prabowo as a bad person and Jokowi as a good person. You have to see from the inside.
Islamic Reminders
Saya Bule Dan saya Support Prabowo 👆❤️
Agastra Aptama Putra
We have no issues regarding tolerance with minorities, the world close their eyes for moslem brothers in rakhine state and uyghur !!!!
Wartawan malas cari info yg seperti ini.. Kudet 😂😂
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Interesting Facts about Elections Indonesia election 2019: What 2 days ago   06:54

Hey guys! It's Joo again! Tomorrow is election day of Indoensia! Today, in Cintas, we compared election from Indonesia and Korea. It is so cool that they have special voting place! 17th is a voting day. Vote for Indonesia!

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