The Battle for Donetsk International Airport: Forcing Troops out of Crimea: Russian 7 months ago   12:08

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Only hours after Petro Poroshenko was announced the winner of Ukraine's presidential elections, the worst violence of the two month long crisis in eastern Ukraine exploded at Donetsk' Sergei Prokofiev airport.

Early Monday morning, gunmen of the Donetsk Peoples Republic arrived at the airport and took over the terminal building, prompting the Ukrainian military based there to issue an ultimatum to the rebels to lay down their weapons and leave. A massive firefight broke out which both fighter jets and attack helicopters were used by the Ukrainian military. The sound of gunfire and explosions filled the air as rebels and journalists ducked for cover along the access road to the airport terminal.

VICE News found a small unit of DPR gunmen among the trees along the access road who had pulled back from their earlier positions closer to the airport. Gunfire seemed to follow them as shots hit the wall on the other side of the road and one of their wounded fighters, who had been shot in the upper thigh was evacuated in a civilian car. The gunfire intensified and the unit was forced to withdraw.

The next morning gunfire could still be occasionally heard but the situation still remained unclear. Both sides claimed they controlled the airport, though it was clear that the Ukrainians had taken control and casualty figures were fluctuating, as more bodies were brought into the local morgues. At least 33 DPR gunmen had been killed in the assault, while the government was claiming 150 perished in the fight.

In Photos: The Deadly Aftermath of the Battle for Donetsk Airport:


Let Them Eat Cake or: The Battle for Donetsk International Airport:

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You guys are full of shit
Your Fabulous Happy Mann
Combat journalism...
KASAMAGO network
Bravo russia..
Sokol Sokoli
Ukraine must be part of europian union and member Nato.
Long live Ukraine.
Crimea is Ukraine.
So does this mean the war is over? If so, respect to the people! It's a good thing too, considering the way things were going it was starting to look a bit like Kosovo years ago, hopefully it doesn't come to that, racial tensions need to be talked and negotiated through for the sake of the civilian population
Iqbal Muh
Wow This is PUBG in Real Life
Nico Belic
You cant even fight a battle without tons of press there. Wtf is happening is this world. War has turned into an attraction.
Yanyan Nuryana
9:59 why the he’ll would u film a dead body like wtf they tell u to stop recording and you keep on recording. Disrespectful
M.Nickolas Watchorn

Random Ukranian Lady: It was the Damn Chechens!
Roman Tribunella
"There's some really heavy fighting around the airport now, and they're sort of a bit annoyed by all the press." You know what, I think those soldiers need to loosen up. It's not like a crowd of brightly dressed British people is revealing your position, hampering your movements, and making it difficult to tend to your wounded comrade or anything. I wish they'd just sod off and let these poor blokes fight their war already.
The shelling in the start is 99.9% mortar 88mm and not RPG
հokцƽ ρokus
Later reports would go on to claim there was no need to violence at the Donetsk airport.
The airport could have been defended from the parameter.
they ask you not to film the heads of the soldires but you still film
AB Mafia Entertainment
Yay die stupid Russians 😤
Caroline Delahunt
Those camera men are so disrespectful to the dead but I like it that vice got there videoed the dead
Xamericanx Panda
Attacks airport die complains about it
this is not fucking rebels! this are separatists, the decedents of the moscals that were relocated from moscovia after the death of millions of Ukrainian people in Holodomor genocide. the fkn old farts wanted to get moscals passport so they would be getting pensions from Ukraine and moscovia. idiots should nave check the result of what happened after moscals had stollen part of Georgia. use to be grate place for vacationing and its became like a Chernobyl. death to moscals rats!
Givi and Motorola gave the Urks a hiding at the's a shame that they were killed.R.I.P GIVI AND MOTOROLA.
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Forcing Troops out of Crimea: Russian The Battle for Donetsk International Airport: 7 months ago   12:45


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