The Battle for Donetsk International Airport: Forcing Troops out of Crimea: Russian 6 months ago   12:08

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Only hours after Petro Poroshenko was announced the winner of Ukraine's presidential elections, the worst violence of the two month long crisis in eastern Ukraine exploded at Donetsk' Sergei Prokofiev airport.

Early Monday morning, gunmen of the Donetsk Peoples Republic arrived at the airport and took over the terminal building, prompting the Ukrainian military based there to issue an ultimatum to the rebels to lay down their weapons and leave. A massive firefight broke out which both fighter jets and attack helicopters were used by the Ukrainian military. The sound of gunfire and explosions filled the air as rebels and journalists ducked for cover along the access road to the airport terminal.

VICE News found a small unit of DPR gunmen among the trees along the access road who had pulled back from their earlier positions closer to the airport. Gunfire seemed to follow them as shots hit the wall on the other side of the road and one of their wounded fighters, who had been shot in the upper thigh was evacuated in a civilian car. The gunfire intensified and the unit was forced to withdraw.

The next morning gunfire could still be occasionally heard but the situation still remained unclear. Both sides claimed they controlled the airport, though it was clear that the Ukrainians had taken control and casualty figures were fluctuating, as more bodies were brought into the local morgues. At least 33 DPR gunmen had been killed in the assault, while the government was claiming 150 perished in the fight.

In Photos: The Deadly Aftermath of the Battle for Donetsk Airport:


Let Them Eat Cake or: The Battle for Donetsk International Airport:

Fighting in Ukraine Escalates as Militia Groups Flock to Donetsk:

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Michael McAuliffe
3:13 He used to be an adventurer like you, but then he took a shot to the knee
I don't understand what happened in this battle. Pls, someone explain to me.
BOŽA 455
1:36 Thank me later ;)
toni montana
You guys werent even close to the frontline or even real danger
Everything was set up for the press did really someone thougt that Donetsk forces would walk across the frontline with 20 guys taking pics and filming ? xD
If you want to see whats going on there then watch Graham Philips or Philip Lancasters YT Channels they are in the trenches with the soldiers while under ukrain fire/shelling they speak proper russian.
And most important they dont document their own expectations its more a live interview at the frontline
Laszlo Varga
Idiot riporter!!!
5:34 That Mi-24 is serious
Debarghaya Mukherjee
Mark Isbell
long live ukraine the rebels are so brainwashed its unreal. i hope the mi24 hind tore them a new one
team sadboys
is this helicopter of the Ukrainian army?
Joe Plumley
Those fucking hounds taking pictures of that wounded guy. Fucking savages.
RageYT - Mods and Gameplays!
Its like russia having war against ISIS
Eduardo de jesus
fkn props to vice news. The most honest and transparent news source. Risking their life’s to in form us on the real news what matters.
Incredible video. Those clips of the dead soldiers really got to me. Probably just because before it they were just average people who believed in a cause and were willing to fight and volunteer for it.
Leonard Papagno
Russia and the region were better when it was the USSR.
I don't like how people in this comment section are saying that Russians are terrible people and they won't even allow cameramen near them, well It's because it's a very stressful job and when fucking cameramen are in-front of you and they have to control them. Especially when that press just pilled up in-front of that wounded solider like what the hell?
9:45 wtf is going on here??
Красный Мухомор
Пидарасы ДНР-ские! Всех блядей в могилу уложить ! На могилах будете так позировать!
Interesting fact is that nearly all terrorists that got improved in this video are NOT locals, but Russian citizens... So much about Russian non involvement...
Wanda Rebiejo
Finally someone with a brain, looks like the same lady who held up her passport to the pro-Russian marchers. I've been trying to figure out how these people are so brainwashed. I mean, they are all just lied through their teeth and all their attempts to prevent filming, those doctors for example. BioAPI maybe is to blame. Everybody who knows the Earth is flat knows this is much ado about nothing. But, the killings are real, and that is the sad part.
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Forcing Troops out of Crimea: Russian The Battle for Donetsk International Airport: 6 months ago   12:45


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