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I wanted to make something that just felt...positive and good! I tried to include the best triggers for that -- whispering, candle/fire sounds, soft lighting, face touching, positive affirmations, tea, warm blankies/robes, wooden blocks, lotion/pampering... :D

This is the second video I'm trying with a little insert-intro... what do you think? Do you like seeing the items laid out beforehand? Do you like the piano music? I'm not used to doing anything fancy LOL but I do want to get myself a nice 50mm lens now....
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Lxer Moon
Gibi: Do you like Honey in your tea?

Me: .... errr

Also me: I like to save money with it ;-;
Gibi: answers a question I didn’t even ask.

Me: did I say something to make you say that.. or......
Brandon Raynes
So what does your girl do for a living bob?
She whispers to strangers at night while making them tea they can’t drink....that’s how we met
Amelia Rose
This is my favorite video, of yours! Soooo relaxing! Thank you so much for making it! Also... You look extremely beautiful; You always do, but I really like this look on you! 💜
Erin McCarty
Gibi: *Lists all the tea ingredients*

Me: "Sounds good."

Gibi: "And Lavender flower."

Me who is allergic to lavender: "Ah shi-"
Ellie xo
lowkey thought that was a condom at the beginning
Fluffy Fluff
audible is an hardcore trigger word
Maria Mondragon
Gibi , I have been suffering anxiety and depression lately, this is the first time anyone has made smile for reals in months . Thank you Gibi !!!
Jill DIY
I like the laying stuff out in the beginning. I have watched this video so many times but accidentally forgot to read the description :0 so thx Gibi and I hope you do a part 2 :)
I think I’m immune to the tingle shit
Jimmy Winchester
I don’t know who needs to hear this, but there are good days. I’m usually sad about various things but I am having a very good day today! I usually have bad days but today happened to be amazing. So there will always be a good day waiting for you no matter what you are going through. Stay strong💯
I'm watching it after so many days. It gives even more tingles now.☺️
SlyTRUEgamer 7
Why does the honey look like peanut butter
Sierra Zeman
Roses are red
Violets are blue
The audible sponsor ends.
At 1:32
Brian Parker
Is it just me, or is Gibi amazingly beautiful
xXNightt HowlerXx
If you see this...

I just want to let you know that you are beautiful and amazing 😉
Always be yourself, and never give up

I love you all ❤️✨ Have a great day, everyone!!
Honey Bear
Gibi: "You don't have to have them all, everyone has its own journey". Thanks Gibi now I'm loving my life even more even now I felt not perfect. 😊
harry potter
me )--♡--> ASMR
Jordan Neumann
Hey girl
verena sepulveda arel
Amo este video!!!
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