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As voting begins in India's elections, opponents of Prime Minister Narendra Modi have been attacking his record on the economy. They've zeroed in on two policies - "demonetization" and the "goods and services tax," which they claim have put hundreds of thousands of small companies out of business. But the prime minister's supporters argue these moves are important structural reforms. Political parties are lighting up social media with last-minute campaigning - including on issues like national security and interfaith tensions. Voting in the elections is due to be held through May 19th.

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jai v
Congress has a recession economy in the past now modi economy now moving to stable economy is better than rapid growth economy or no growth economy
Pritam Bhattacharjee
Modi is best PM for our neighbor country india
El Shaddai
Modi and his RSS thugs will destroy Hindustan in upcoming 5 years. Pakistan will be more than happy to see Modi as PM, because Modi will do Pakistan's job by creating civil disturbances and riots in India. Go Modi, Go!
modi ji is back...
for pm .
indian loved our great pm modi ji
Suman Gurung
Yes new India.....cow life life are more valuable then human life...
Robert Francis
💯#GharGharModi Nobody Can Stop NaMo✌️
Today Only I Voted For Modi In Karnataka 2nd Phase Elections...
Sonika Singh
I used to travel through national highway 1 from Chandigarh to Delhi every year for past 20 years, to visit my grandparents. We remember the traffic jams in Ambala, Pipli, Panipat, Kurukshetra, due to bad roads and ever lasting construction of fly overs. Fast forward to 2014, i remember one month Modi is in, all the freaking flyovers build, you can reach Delhi to Chd in 4 hrs now, how can I deny such development? How can I be brainwashed ?
manju dhabe
Congress is corrupted party
what is wrong is wrong with u guys """ mr modi cant have a conversation properly "" and just wants to divide the people "" plz wake up guys save our country
Harsha B.Y
I request to DW news to please servey youngsters tht to whom with them... 75% youngsters are with modi..
Neil Dmello
Rahul Gandhi is ghoofup 🐓 lie to the people of Bharat Mata,Modi ji and NDA will win 2/3 majority Jai Hind
Avinash Prabhu
Really...,! Technology Expert🤣
Jajatikeshari Ray
Everyone is worried about forthcoming election even after surpassing the same things before--getting assurances that they'd be given free survival materials along with much monetary alms, but sorry to say that no-one is concerned about proper free education, health care along with social justice.
sujish sujish
MODI BJP 400+ 💐🌸🏵️🌹🌺🌻🌼🌷🌱🌲🌳🌴🌿☘️🍀🌾
Chirag Suvarna
Hindu terrorist Sadhvi Pragya has been given ticket to fight this election by Modi's BJP.
Please correct yourself.. BJP is not Hindu nationalist party.. It is a nationalist party..
Pat Ehrenfeld
India, Modhi is for Indians!!!Rahoul Ghandi is attached to white aristocracy who would enslave you...
kulsum ismail
If Modi wins he will kill more beef sellers & eaters
By default, modi is going to win, because who is there to challenge him. No one can digest rahul gandhi as India's PM.
Prashant Patil
Real news starts at 08:50
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